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Showing posts of Day: December 15, 2021

French Army Leaves Timbuktu for First Time Since Arriving in 2013

French troops have left a military base in Timbuktu, Mali, where they were posted since liberating the area from Islamist militants in 2013. French forces have been gradually withdrawing from the region, despite ongoing fighting with militants that thr…

African Leaders Call for More Investment in Healthcare

African leaders have called on governments across the continent to invest more in healthcare to fight the coronavirus and future pandemics. The appeal came as the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the African Union this week held

Stay Calm, Don’t Panic, Says South African Doctor

The head of the South African Medical Association says there is a major difference between the delta and omicron variants of the coronavirus and warns politicians against hyping the threat from the new strain.Dr. Angelique Coetzee criticized Tuesday wh…