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Showing posts of Day: September 13, 2022

SCO to further promote global security, stability, prosperity

BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by People’s Daily: Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the 22nd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the city of Samarkand, and

‫Woolpert تربط بين الشركات والموارد الجغرافية المكانية لتشكيل Woolpert Africa

تجمع شركة Woolpert Africa بين خدمات رسم الخرائط والمسح والبيانات الخاصة Woolpert و Southern Mapping و AAM . جوهانسبرج، 13 شتنبر/أيلول 2022 / PRNewswire / — قامت Woolpert بدمج الموظفين والموارد والخبرة المحلية لشركتيها الجغرافيتين في إفريقيا، شركة Southern Mapping و AAM ، لتشكيل Woolpert Africa . سيوفر الفريق جمع البيانات الجغرافية المكانية ومعالجتها وإدارتها […]

Africa Reflects on Queen Elizabeth’s Mixed Legacy

As Africa reflects on the legacy of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, Kenyans remember how a princess visiting the country in 1952 left a queen. Analysts note how Elizabeth helped steer the end of Britain’s empire and exploitative colonial rule. But while

Why China, African Nations Are Cooperating in Space

China and African nations are increasingly collaborating in space to develop their own ambitions in the next frontier analysts say.Chinese astronauts known as taikonauts have been playing a role in space diplomacy while on a six-month mission on the Ti…