AAU Widens Networking to Boost Research Quality

By Yohanes Jemaneh

The Addis Ababa University announced that it is expanding its networks with international research organizations with a view to consolidating the research endeavors and producing competent researchers.

Speaking at the launching of the partnership with the Elsevier International Research Institute, a Canadian think-thank, yesterday, AAU Academic Vice President Dr. Jeilu Oumer said that AAU is endeavoring to enhance the quality of research undertakings through partnership with international institute.

With this, he said it is contributing to the national development through provision of skillful manpower in various sectors.

He also said that the role of higher learning institutions is vital in conducting problem solving research to fight poverty thereby realizing nation's renaissance.

The Vice President further said that the partnership with the Institute will support AAU to undertake quality and most relevant researches through training and experience sharing programs, among others.

Institute Vice President Charles Pallandton on his part said that the partnership would enhance the Ethiopian higher learning institutions research undertakings.

He said that his Institute would assist the research sphere of the nation through consulting the best and practical research schemes and publishing notable findings on the institute's journals for the global community.

According to him, the Institute will work with AAU in the areas of medicine, science and technology, and innovation spheres.

Source: All Africa