Art Meets Migration: Mirage of Hope Exhibition opens in Tunisia

In art, no borders,rdquo;said Victor Hugo.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the International Centre for Culture and Arts opened theMiraged#39;espoir(Mirage ofHope) exhibitionthis past weekend (03/05), whichcontinues through 2 June atPalaisElAbdelliya.

This contemporary art exhibition is part of an IOM Tunisia initiativeto presentartmergedwith migration as a pluralistic phenomenon.

To this end, theMiraged#39;espoirproject was conceived as a Mediterranean encounter and alinkage amongthe artistic identities of migrants and migration.

In order to create a dynamic of sharing and exchange,Michela MargheritaSarti, curator of the exhibition,gathered 13 artists representing, besides Tunisia, 10 Mediterranean countries as part of an artistic residency which took placeat theSadikaart space in Tunis from 1 to 15 April. The residencyproducedworks addressing the theme of migration through different approaches.

Artists participating in the project included:AustinCammileri(Malta);GulinHayatTopdemir(Turkey);Lisa Perini(Italy);MarianneCatzaras(Greece);Michela MargheritaSarti(Tunisia/Italy);MohammedElouanti(Morocco);Nacho Martin Gomez(Spain);Omar Bey(Tunisia);TeresaCarneiro(Portugal);The Yellow Man(Algeria);WaelDarweich(Egypt);WalidArdhaoui(Tunisia)andYvesGobart(France).

A workshop for students of fine arts and young artistsalsotook place during the residency to create a space for reflection and debate on the place of migration in art on the one hand, as well as to offer aspiring artists an opportunity to work alongside internationally recognized professional artists.

The exhibition's opening in LaMarsawas attended byartists, patrons, partners and friends of IOM.

Source: International Organization for Migration (IOM).