Asylum Seekers to Be Deported [opinion]

Somali asylum seekers living in Swaziland who complained that they were being starved and forced to work in fields without pay are to be deported from the kingdom.

Swazi Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Chief Mgwagwa Gamedze had said in March 2015, the refugees were lucky not to be deported.

Seven refugees reportedly left the Malindza reception centre they were housed in and set up camp close to one of King Mswati’s 13 palaces at Ludzidzini.

Now, a Court in Mbabane has given the refugees 14 days to leave the kingdom and return to Somalia. The court heard that the men entered Swaziland illegally, failed to obey orders of the Ministry of Home Affairs to live at Malindza and used open land as a toilet.

In January 2015 Mowlid Omer Warsame, one of the refugees, was reported in the Swazi Observer newspaper saying the living conditions in Swaziland were so unbearable ‘they found it better to go and die in the warfront in their home country than in a foreign land’.

Source : Swazi Media Commentary