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Burkina: Ringo club, a structure that promotes sport and studies


The president of Ringo club Gloria Guissou organized a press conference on Friday September 15, 2023 in Ouagadougou to officially present her structure which supports young Burkinabè people through sport and studies.

In three years of Ringo club life, 22 scholarships have been awarded (2022-2023). For the sports-study scholarship program in the 2023-2024 cohort, 133 applications examined out of 136 files received, 93 eligible candidates including 10 in Ouagadougou and 7 in Bobo-Dioulasso (middle and high school), 18 candidates in Ouagadougou and 8 in Bobo-Dioulasso (for Universities) and at the level of professional training there are 25 candidates in Ouagadougou and 13 candidates in Bobo-Dioulasso.

Finally Ringo renewed 12 scholarships out of 15. For the Ringostar program, 15 athletes were registered. In the special Ringo Self Defense category 300 women and girls are participating.

“The results are satisfactory,” rejoices Ringo club president Gloria Guissou. “I won't say very (satisfactory), because we want to go further.”

All these performances were achieved thanks to the support of the structure's partners. The objective of the press conference was not only to present the structure which has been working practically in the shadows for three years to build an image beyond the sporting world, but also to take stock of these three years.

As in many structures, Ringo club is experiencing difficulties which “are financial (you have to manage the teams, you have to make the programs work…)”, mentioned president Gloria Guissou. She calls on partners open to proposals to support young people because for her, in view of “our security situation, they are among those who positively sell our image and who will embellish the press with their medals etc. ".

Gloria Guissou also explains that her structure makes the beneficiaries contribute “because generally what is free is not very well maintained. There must be accountability on a sporting level, in terms of medals, but they must contribute to monitoring to enable us to go further with them.”

One of the beneficiaries for 3 years of the Ringostar Ousséni Tapsoba sports scholarship (playing table tennis) proclaims his satisfaction.

“I benefit from the Ringo program which allows me as an athlete to really perform at a high level. Thanks to Ringo I am able to participate in high-level competitions and I manage to impose myself. Through the Ringo program we had the chance to participate in physical preparation programs at Slamazone gym which allows us to be at the top level. I already won the gold medal in the Chinese Ambassador's Cup then I went to win a medal during the international training course in Lomé and I came back to win my 10th national table tennis champion title. The Ringo program helped me a lot,” he says.

Ringo club is an educational-sporting organization whose role is to support the socio-educational development of young Burkinabè people through sport.

Source: Burkina Information Agency