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Boko Haram attacks, human trafficking threaten progress in West Africa and Sahel – UN envoy

The security situation in West Africa and the Sahel remains of grave concern, the United Nations envoy for the region said Thursday, warning that while there had been progress on the political front over the past year, there had also

Dmitry Titov of Russian Federation Appointed to Lead Special Investigation into Attacks on Peacekeepers in Democratic Republic of Congo

The Secretary-General today announced the appointment of Dmitry Titov of the Russian Federation to lead a special investigation into recent attacks on peacekeepers and peacekeeping bases in the Beni territory of North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic...


At least 12 people were killed and 180 injured in South Africa on Thursday when a passenger train collided with a truck and burst into flames, an official said, as rescuers searched for survivors. Images showed a fire engulfing

Sustained cooperation vital to address Somalia’s challenges, says UN envoy

In a year which saw millions of Somali civilians displaced by armed conflict and thousands more killed and wounded in violence, the United Nations envoy to the country has called for sustained cooperation to tackle a number of pressing challenges.


Sudan to hand over Suakin Island to Turkey for rebuilding, Erdogan says

Sudan has agreed to hand over Suakin Island to Turkey for rebuilding, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said late Monday. Suakin, one of the oldest seaports in Africa, was used by African Muslims who set out for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

Training Program Helps Nigerian Refugees in Cameroon

MINAWAO, CAMEROON Hundreds of Nigerian refugees who have fled the Boko Haram insurgency to the Minawao camp in northern Cameroon, now have the potential to become professional models after they were trained by the United Nations to be self-reliant