Congratulations to African heads of state and government

Themessage reads, inpart:

This important date celebrates thevictory oftheAfrican continent's peoples intheir fight forfreedom andindependence andtheir desire forunity inthename ofpeace, stability, andsustainable development.

African countries have made great strides intheir social, economy, scientific, technological andcultural development andplay anincreasingly important part inbuilding afair anddemocratic multipolar world order.

Russia highly values theAfrican Union's constructive efforts, andthose ofother regional organisations inAfrica toresolve local conflicts andcrises andaccelerate integration processes onthecontinent.

It is apleasure tonote thefriendly partnership that has evolved inrelations between theRussian Federation andtheAfrican countries. Iwould like toreaffirm our desire tocontinue developing multifaceted andmutually advantageous ties, aswell asRussia's continued participation inthevarious programmes andprojects forAfrica, carried out through theUN, theG20, andBRICSrdquo;.

Mr Putin wished thepeoples ofAfrica peace andprosperity.

Source: President of Russia.