Cooperative societies uplifts, inspires (Botswana Daily News)

The senior cooperative auditor from the Department of Cooperative Development, Mr Dumani Mbayi has urged Nkange youth not to break the chain in their parents’ old ways of doing business as they can achieve good results quickly.

He said this during a three-day workshop that was held to enlighten people about the operations of co-operative societies.

Mr Mbayi said the youth should venture into various businesses in order to understand motivation in the business setting and to have a hand in boosting the economy of the country.

He noted that the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture (MYSC) also agreed to help the youth with funds in order to start operations of various programmes to improve their living standards.

Mr Mbayi explained that being part of the cooperative does not require a lot of documentation, but only a good state of business mind, being a motivated Motswana and also a visionary.

Giving advice on how to start a business, he said the youth should look for loopholes in their environment and surrounding areas.

He said in such a way, they could know what the society was in need of and when more and more businesses were established, Botswana would produce a lot of in house products and services.

Mr Mbayi said countries such as Swaziland, Tanzania and Kenya were dominated by cooperative businesses, and that as a result the economy of those countries were boosted.

He said the formation of cooperative society businesses requires people who were thirsty for the business and with a common goal.

Furthermore, he stated that people who were interested in businesses should have a tolerant spirit, working together and risk takers.

Speaking on behalf of the Nkange youth, Mr Gabriel Tshekiso, who is the chairperson of the Nkange Youth Association, said he appreciated ways in which the government was trying to use cooperatives to create opportunities for citizens.

Mr Tshekiso said a lot of young people were roaming the streets, and that it would be a welcome venture if the youth could form and start a cooperative business as the government has seen the importance of such.

He encouraged people to operate such businesses as they reward and promote development and people working together which brings about harmony.

Mr Tshekiso pleaded with the elderly to impart cultural knowledge on the youth to preserve culture, and to clarify tales that people have created about the cooperative businesses.

He said the current generation should forgive and forget what the past generation did in order to lead to the cooperative businesses collapse.

Furthermore, he said there were many companies who provide leads or prospects to businesses the youth might want to venture in.