Malawi: Swaziland, Senegal and Qatar to Learn From Malawi on Agriculture

By Mary Makhiringa and Linda Likomwa

Lilongwe - Ambassadors for Swaziland, Senegal and Qatar on Wednesday shared interest in learning from Malawi in terms of agriculture.

Having presented their letters of credence to President Professor Mutharika the three ambassadors told the press that they would like to learn from Malawi's agriculture as they said it is an agro-based nation.

Ambassador Christian Nkambule from Swaziland who was the first to present his letters of credence said he discussed with President Mutharika on ideas and advice on how agriculture is done in the country.

He said; "we discussed a lot and among all we talked about the upcoming Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) meeting that Swaziland is hosting and where King Swat is taking the mantle of leadership as the Chairman of SADC.

"We also talked on the drought that is affecting most southern parts of Africa and we would like to seek advice and ideas from Malawi on agriculture especially irrigation agriculture.

On his part Momar Diop from Senegal who was the second to present his letters of credence, concurred with Ambassador Nkambule saying they are interested to learn from Malawi on how to grow peanuts (groundnuts).

"In Senegal, we do not have peanuts, but Malawi has plenty, it is my will that we as a country learn from Malawi. Apart from this, we would like also to learn fisheries so that we corporate the famous chambo and many other thousands species of fish that Malawi has," he said.

According to the Ambassador, Senegal has got the biggest port in Africa making it possible for fish farming.

"As we will be learning from Malawi on agriculture, Malawi can also benefit from us in terms of tourism, to uplift your economy by providing different tourism products," he added.

Ambassador Abdulla Jassim Al Maadadi of Qatar also talked of agriculture as one key area that they can learn from Malawi.

"As we will be learning agriculture from Malawi, Malawi can learn things like aviation, energy and education. We are also good in organising sporting activities," he said.

All the three Ambassadors are non residential basis as Ambassador Christian Nkambule from Swaziland will be based in Maputo Mozambique, Momar Diop from Senegal will be based in Pretoria, South Africa and Jassim Al Maadadi from Qatar will be based in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Source: AllAfrica