New Online Ecosystem Afrinection Connects African Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers Professionals with Employers, Investors Partners

The spotlight and stage for Africa's skilled, dynamic and multi-faceted talent force is now bigger and brighter than ever thanks to the launch of Afrinection ( the world's first ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs, job seekers and professionals of African origin, with prospective employers, investors and partners across the globe.

The vision of Afrinection is to create a scalable, effective and lasting platform for establishing networking, investment opportunity and talent identification,rdquo; commented Founder Kifle. This vision is in response to what we view as a massive gap in terms of a truly global platform that enables networking among African professionals, entrepreneurs and job seekers both in Africa and abroad. Afrinection serves as a unique means to bridge this gap.rdquo;

In addition to serving the above-noted groups through an organized forum that incorporates several UX best practices -- everything from intuitive navigational structure and mobile-friendly design, to suitable font sizes and first-rate graphic design -- Afrinection also functions as a go-to resource that:

Generates worldwide branding visibility for African-owned businesses and ventures -- from solopreneurs and small firms, to mid-market organizations and large enterprises.

Enables both B2B and B2C advertisers to cost-effectively micro-target the African demographic.

Publishes timely thought leadership content on various employment, entrepreneurial and business perspectives, with titles such as An Introduction to Partnership Marketingrdquo; and Living amp; Working Abroad.rdquo;

Enables companies seeking to hire African talent to search for and directly engage with registered job seekers.

Facilitates investment opportunity identification by enabling investors to contact registered entrepreneurs with industry-specific ventures that are relevant to investment portfolio targets.

Added Kifle: For many years, professionals of African origin, along with businesses and investors that target the African demographic, have been unable to effectively connect because they were forced to use a disparate mix of platforms, websites and tools. Afrinection is a bold statement and an inspiring call to action this problem has been permanently solved, and a celebration of African innovation and entrepreneurship.rdquo;

Entrepreneurs, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors can access Afrinection at no cost. Advertisers can purchase advertising packages starting at under $10 per month, with no long-term commitment required. More information on Afrinection is available on the website at

Source: Afrinection.