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Sissili/Ordinary budgetary session: A second amending budget of more than 200 million CFA francs adopted


The president of the Special Delegation of Léo, Kassoum Koalaga, chaired on Thursday September 14, 2023 in Léo, the 3rd ordinary session of the year 2023. A second amending management budget for 2023 of 209,928,854 FCFA was adopted during this session.

The Special Delegation of the commune of Léo met on Thursday, September 14, 2023 in an ordinary budgetary session under the presidency of Kassoum Koalaga. It examined and adopted the second 2023 management amending budget.

From the discussions, it appears that on a budget forecast of 456,212,995 F CFA, the recovery rate as of July 31, 2023 is 46%, ie a mobilization of budget revenue of 209,928,854 F CFA.

After reading and amendment, made by the manager in charge of finances and municipal accounting, Frédéric Nion, the second 2023 amending management budget balanced in resources and expenses at the sum of 209,928,854 F CFA was adopted unanimously by the members of the delegation present at the session subject to amendments.

For the president of Léo's special delegation, Kassoum Koalaga, this low recovery rate is justified by the fact that we are in a period of field work where commercial activity is at half mast in all directions.

“However, there is hope in the sense that things will get better from October to November. With the support of technical recovery services, we intend to achieve the expected objectives,” he noted.

The president of Léo's special delegation then congratulated and thanked the population who are beginning to understand that Burkina now needs endogenous resources to truly begin its development.

“We are in a context of rupture with a certain number of partners so that we must rely on local resources in order to boost our development” he maintained.

Kassoum Koalaga, finally insisted on the need for the municipal executive to truly play its part in mobilizing revenue for the proper execution of investments for the current year.

The secretary general of Léo town hall, Saïdou Ouédraogo, then presented to the members of the delegation the authorizing officer's report accompanying amending budget No. 2.

This report discusses the situation of the municipality on the resources transferred, the activity and functioning of the various services of the municipality and the organizations reporting to it, the state of execution of the deliberations of the special delegation and the financial situation of the municipality.

Source: Burkina Information Agency