South Africa: Public Protector’s Recent Statements Are Questionable

The Public Protector (PP), c, has seen fit to enter the arena on the subject of Brian Molefe's resignation from Eskom.

She has, according to press reports, offered her view on the matter, saying that he will be a great loss to South Africa and that no one should be thought of as guilty on the basis of the State of Capture report, compiled by her predecessor.

It is abundantly clear from the report that Mr Molefe was in a cozy relationship with the Gupta's. It is equally clear that they chatted an inordinate amount on the phone and that the Gupta's managed to close deals with Eskom that benefitted them greatly, while the interests of Eskom were not placed at the forefront.

Mr Molefe has not denied any of the matters raised in the report, save to suggest that he might have been spending time in the now notorious, but as yet unidentified, Saxonwold Shebeen.

This is not an issue with which the PP should be busying herself, bearing in mind the staggering workload of her newly occupied office.

It is also unclear why the new PP should find it necessary to leap to the defence of Mr Molefe. Whether or not she regards him as an asset, or whether she has confidence in the report essentially produced by members of her staff, is not something she should be debating in the public arena.

She should be spending her valuable time on ensuring that the office that she now leads functions at an optimum level and that its functions are carried out without fear, favour or prejudice.

Source: Democratic Alliance.