Sumbawanga Municipality Under Acute Shortage of School Desks, Classrooms

By Peti Siyame

MOST primary schools in Sumbawanga Municipality are crowded with pupils particularly in Standard Ones where almost all 55 schools are under pressure following the government 's new free education policy.

A spot survey carried by the "Daily News" shows that most of the schools face myriads of challenges including dire shortages of desks as well as class rooms as between 250 and 300 pupils are congested in a single room.

More seriously, the survey also discovered that majority of the pupils were compelled to sit down on dirty with pot holes floors. The municipality has 55 primary schools with a population of 56,457 pupils among them 29,418 are girls and 27,039 boys.

A total of 10,138 desks are needed and 917 class rooms are required to be constructed. Across -section of teaching staff from different schools interviewed by this paper admitted that there is a critical shortage of class rooms as the number of new enrolment has gone up unexpectedly. The most affected schools include Utengule, Katusa and Mafulala.

The number of pupils in these schools is alarming as it has tripled. The Sumbawnga Municipal Director, Mr Hamid Njovu said the situation is worse at Utengule Primary School which has five class rooms four of them are in bad shape.

"We plan to demolish the whole school building and start afresh to construct a new premises we appeal to stakeholders for their financial and material support, " added Mr Njovu .

Source: All Africa