Swaziland to host next summit (Botswana Daily News)

Following Botswana’s successful hosting of over a thousand delegates and 15 heads of state for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) 35th summit, Swaziland will host the same event next year.

As is SADC tradition, hosting the ordinary summit is done on a rotational basis where the new chairperson assumes the reigns.

SADC deputy chairperson, King Mswati III said they look forward to welcome their neighbours next year.

The Kingdom of Eswatini accepts with great humility the appointment as deputy chair of our regional organisation, he said when delivering closing remarks yesterday.

King Mswati III said the next summit would come at an opportune time when there would be numerous activities taking place in the kingdom such as the famous reed dance as well as the trade fair where local and international entrepreneurs would exhibit their products and services.

He said there was need for member states to continue working in unity to achieve the primary objective of SADC which was to ensure that all citizens enjoy acceptable standards of living where issues of employment creation, good education, food security, quality health as well as peace and security were addressed collectively.

There is no country that can achieve this goal and survive in isolation, he said.