MBABANE, SWAZILAND, May 5 — It has been three weeks since Swaziland Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi has resisted arrest and locked himself inside his house.

Ramodibedi is accused of corruption, abuse of power and conflict of interest. It is reported that Ramodibedi has made five new demands to the government, one of them is that he be escorted to the Ngwenya-Oshoek Border Gate to travel to South Africa.

Ramodibedi’s warrant of arrest was issued three weeks ago but Swazi police are unable to effect the arrest as he has locked himself in his house. Swaziland Government Spokesman Percy Simelane said Monday the government would not allow him to leave the country.

Simelane said the Chief Justice must appear in court and face the law. Ramodibedi says he wants to negotiate with the Swaziland government not to arrest him. Simelane says the Chief Justice cannot negotiate with the government for his freedom but he has to negotiate with the law.

Meanwhile, Swaziland National Police spokesman Khulani Mamba says the Swaziland Royal Police remain vigilant outside the house.

“We’ve been trying to pursue other means of arresting him since we know that he has locked himself inside the house refusing to come out, resisting the arrest .We are trying to venture to other options rather than to storm inside the house, trying to resolve the matter,” he added.

“We want to work with the issue peacefully without straining the relationship that we have with Lesotho, the diplomatic relationship that we have.”