Team Europe: The European Union supports the Sahel’s response to the coronavirus pandemic with 92 million euros

As part of its cooperation with the Sahel, the European Union today announced the disbursement of budget support of € 92 million to strengthen the response of Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger and Chad to the spread of the coronavirus. It is about providing quality health care to the population and reducing the economic and social repercussions of the pandemic.
The High Representative / Vice-President, Josep Borrell , underlined: “ Today we reiterate our commitment to strengthen our mobilization for the Sahel in its fight against the pandemic. Beyond a short-term response aimed at meeting the urgent needs of the populations, our objective is also to reduce the economic and social repercussions of the pandemic, including Africa in general and the Sahel in particular. are likely to suffer disproportionately. ”
Jutta Urpilainen , Commissioner in charge of international partnerships, declared: “The European Union continues to mobilize as a ‘Team Europe’ to increase tenfold the efforts made by the authorities of the G5 Sahel countries to face the coronavirus crisis . The implementation of these funds in a transparent and inclusive manner will help improve health care for the populations and the socio-economic situation made all the more fragile by the pandemic. ”
These 92 million euros are part of our overall response and consist of 26 million euros for Burkina Faso, 12 million euros for Mauritania, 38 million euros for Niger and 16.92 million euros. euros for Chad. In a context of budgetary tensions aggravated by the multiplicity of crises – security, food, socio-economic and health – this EU budget support will support these countries in the implementation of their response plan to the pandemic, while preserving the fiscal space needed to continue key reforms in other sectors, and without worsening their level of indebtedness.
These funds will thus contribute more broadly to limiting the consequences of the crisis on the economy of these countries and on the most vulnerable households. The European Union will continue to closely monitor the implementation of national development policies and the reforms adopted to ensure macroeconomic stability, sound public finance management and transparency.
The Sahel is a priority region for the European Union. The G5 Sahel countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad) have benefited from European development funds amounting to 4.6 billion euros since 2014. The European Union deploys a wide range of instruments ( policy, development, humanitarian, and security) in accordance with its comprehensive and integrated approach, with a view to contributing to long-term stability and development.
The EU’s comprehensive response to the coronavirus follows a ‘Team Europe’ approach which builds on contributions from all EU institutions and combines resources mobilized by Member States and financial institutions to address the humanitarian consequences , health and others of the coronavirus pandemic. The overall response of “Team Europe” reached 36.8 billion euros. In this context, the EU has mobilized 449 million euros for the five Sahel countries.

Source: Delegation of the European Union to Swaziland