U17 DPEPPS Cup: Léo municipal high school on the top step of the podium

The Lycée municipal de Léo won on Saturday May 27 at the municipal stadium of Léo Zio Abdoulaye, the final of the 1st of the Provincial Director of Post-Primary and Secondary Education Cup (DPEPPS). ) de la Sissili, Mimtiri Oualbéogo in football, beating the Lycée provincial de Léo by the score of 1 goal to 0.

Launched on May 11, 2023, the tournament saw the participation of 10 post-primary establishments from Leo. For more than two weeks, the various teams competed in ardor and talent in a spirit of fair play.

It was a beautifully crafted final that the 22 actors showed to the many spectators who made the trip to support the actors of the education system in their drive to promote sport and grassroots culture. But before that, performances by the dagara dance troupe from the Lycée provincial de Léo and warba from the Lycée Municipal de Léo as well as sketches and slams brightened up the audience in a festive atmosphere.

From the start of the game, the determination to win is felt on both sides. The offensives multiply with sometimes missed goal opportunities. It was in the 15th minute of play that the Municipalists distinguished themselves with the opener of Abdoul Aziz Derra.

This score remains unchanged until the final whistle. Thus the Lycée Municipal de Léo is crowned champion of the 1st edition of the Dpepps de la Sissili cup. He wins the trophy plus a set of jerseys, 2 balls and an envelope of 25,000 francs.

The Provincial High School consoled itself for its 2nd place with a set of jerseys, 2 balls plus an envelope. The CEG of Bukua and the Private High School the challenge respectively 3rd and 4th respectively received a set of jerseys plus a ball.

As a reminder, the cadets of the Lycée Municipal de Léo proved to be intractable both regionally and provincially.

In addition to this trophy, he is crowned champion of the USSU-BF 2023 of the province of Sissili and the Center-West region.

"All for social cohesion and living together through sport and culture" is the theme of this edition. For the provincial director of post-primary and secondary education of Sissili, Mimtiri Oualbéogo, the context of resilience in which our country finds itself requires multiplying actions promoting a union of heart and mind of its daughters and sons.

This is why sport and culture are factors of social cohesion, unity, fraternity, friendship and living together, he noted. He was also delighted with the enthusiasm shown around each match until the final.

He then expressed his sincere thanks to the organizing committee as well as to all the people of goodwill whose commitment and various contributions made it possible to make this wonderful initiative a reality, to the delight of all. He also paid a vibrant tribute to the Association of Eco-Guards of Bukina called "The Guardian Angels of Nature" (AGN) whose support has contributed to meeting the material and financial challenges to which the organizing committee should face.

Placed under the presidency of the High Commissioner of the province of Sissili, Tewendé Isaac Sia, the sponsorship of the Pastor, Paul Benon and the co-sponsorship of Papa Tchéfari, this great sporting and cultural festival mobilized actors of the education system around the students. .

Source: Burkina Information Agency