Zimbabwe Tempted to Host Africa Motocross Event Again (allAfrica.com)

After staging a flawless FIM Africa Motocross for African nations at Donnybrook last weekend, the Bogwheelers Club is mulling making another bid to host next year’s edition, provided they get a bigger sponsor to assist them in the hosting of the event.

Seven motocross countries namely South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Swaziland and the hosts Zimbabwe converged at the local home of motorsport where South Africa emerged victorious with Zimbabwe in second place.

Speaking to Standardsport, Bogwheelers Club chairperson Shaun Whyte revealed that they were mulling putting in another bid for next year should they get a big corporate partner.

“It turned out to be bigger and better than we anticipated and the South Africans rated it as world class. We might put a bid to host again next year, but only if we manage to get a big sponsor and we are hoping that the big sponsor is coming because it’s not cheap to host such a huge event,” the veteran administrator said.

Partners like Tandamanzi, Zimbabwe Motor Distributors, Fuch Oils, Garfunkels, Silkolene, Jim Perry Transport and Yamaha Marine Centre helped to make the event possible. Focus now turns to the Summers Series in December, an event which Whyte said is set to be bigger compared to other years as most countries who attended the continental event have pledged to come and be part of the festivities this year. Over the years, South Africa and Zambia have always been part of the three-day competition.

Commenting on Zimbabwe’s second place finish, Whyte said: “Unfortunately, South Africa sent a very strong team because last year we came too close to them for their comfort, but I still feel our riders performed very well to finish very strongly. Jaden Ashwell gave them a good lesson, and so did young Emmanuel Bako, as well as Regan Wasmuth.”

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