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Bazèga/Education Forum: Stakeholders make commitments for quality education in the province

Opinion leaders and education stakeholders in the Bazèga province met on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 in Kombissiri, to make commitments on the strategies to be developed for quality education, for the education forum. The activities of the forum were chaired by the Secretary General of the Bazèga province, Wossolème Clarisse Denni.

The province of Bazèga recorded at the end of the 2022-2023 school year, a success rate of 76.73% for the primary education certificate (CEP).

This performance led the authorities in charge of education to organize a forum with the theme “Strengthening strategies to maintain or improve the success rate of 76.73% at the CEP in the province of Bazèga in 2024”. ›.

This activity is held as part of the project to improve the quality of education by strengthening school-community collaboration (PAQER-CEC), set up by the ministry in charge of national education with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The forum allowed education stakeholders to review the good practices that contributed to the CEP success rate in 2023 in Bazèga and to develop strategies for consolidating and improving good practices to be implemented to maintain or improve the success rate of 76.73%.

The forum’s work also enabled the various education stakeholders to make resolutions and commitments for the implementation of the strategies thus defined.

As such, they are committed to promoting endogenous canteens through school fields and gardens with the involvement of communities and local authorities, strengthening the educational supervision of teachers while creating frameworks for sharing experiences and knowledge. good practices and raise awareness among the educational community for its full involvement in monitoring school activities, among others.

The Secretary General of the Bazèga province, Wossolème Clarisse Denni, welcomed the holding of the forum which made it possible to find endogenous solutions to maintain or improve the results of the CEP in 2024 in the province.

Recommendations were made for monitoring the commitments made.

Source: Burkina Information Agency