Boulkiemdé: Incineration of suspiciously dead bats

Ouagadougou: Bats that died suspiciously in the commune of Bingo (Boulkiemdé, Center-west), were incinerated yesterday by a joint team from the Ministries of the Environment and Animal Resources, we learned. ‘AIB.

We recall that on March 12, 2024, the governor of the Center-West region urged populations not to handle or consume wild animals found dead, particularly bats.

The authority announced that an abnormally high mortality of flying foxes (bats) was noted in the village of Koulgorin, department of Bingo, province of Boulkiemdé in the Center-West region on March 1, 2024.

According to him, the consumption of these animals can be the source of several diseases.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Loroum: A community day celebrated to strengthen social cohesion

The High Commissioner of the Loroum province, Captain Djibril Bassolé, chaired a day of socio-cultural and sporting activities on Saturday March 9, 2024 in Titao to celebrate peace and social cohesion. It saw the participation of the local population and the different communities living in Titao.

The population of Titao celebrated Saturday March 9, 2024, a day dedicated to peace and social cohesion through socio-cultural and sporting activities, chaired by the High Commissioner of the Loroum province, Captain Djibril Bassolé.

This communities day is an initiative of the Atelier ThéStre du Loroum and the NGO EDUCO as part of the ‘Améliorons Nos Vies’ project.

‘It is with immense joy that we welcome this activity. She comes to wake up the town of Titao,’ declared Captain Bassolé.

The deputy base manager of the NGO EDUCO, Iliassou Djimoudi, recalled that the day will contribute to rekindling the fraternal flame between the populations of Loroum, all communities combined.

According to him, ‘the mobilization
alone showed that the populations agreed to join hands for peace and social cohesion’.

For the traditional chief of Titao, Naaba Wadga, ‘We are very proud to come together around such an activity and to commune together.’

He indicated that those who are outside here do not imagine that in Titao the populations could find themselves like this.

‘But through this activity, we have shown them that this is possible and we hope that similar actions will be multiplied for the benefit of these resilient populations,’ he added.

The departmental women’s coordinator, Aminata Zango, noted her satisfaction.

‘We took the opportunity to commemorate Women’s Day. It is an immense joy for the women of the massive mobilization for all the initiatives of this day,’ noted Ms. Zango.

Titao Communities Day took place in several phases.

In the morning, hundreds of people led by administrative, customary and religious authorities walked the streets of Titao through a popular cross.

The opinion leaders and representatives of t
he different communities then put in the meeting room of the Titao town hall for a discussion meeting on endogenous conflict prevention and management mechanisms.

The Titao youth and culture center also welcomed the different communities of Titao, who came to show their know-how.

Women demonstrated traditional cotton carding, spinning and weaving techniques to the audience.

‘This is the first time I have seen these instruments and the traditional cotton processing technique,’ said a participant.

The community village also made it possible to see the cultural potential of Loroum, in particular the dance steps and local music, the art objects and the board games.

In the evening, the people gathered on the field for a Maracana match which pitted women’s and men’s teams from communities with joke relationships against each other.

‘Through this activity, Titao took up a major challenge. The challenge of organizing large-scale activities despite the security situation. At the same time, it is a nod to partner
s who are still hesitant to come to Titao,’ declared High Commissioner Djibril Bassolé.

The Loroum province has been facing a difficult security situation since 2015. But the efforts to reconquer the national territory allowed the relaunch of certain socio-cultural activities.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Associations seek solutions to antimicrobial resistance

Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè association for the fight against antimicrobial resistance (RAM-Burkina), in collaboration with Youth Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance (AJRAM), organized on Tuesday a symposium to reflect on solutions to combat antimicrobial resistance .

For the representative of the Minister in charge of Health, the Minister Delegate in charge of Animal Resources, Amadou Dicko, this symposium will help identify perspectives that will make it possible to effectively fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

‘The multisectoral action plan adopted in 2017 and which is currently being revised for the period 2024-2026 has the mission of strengthening surveillance on AMR, reducing the incidence of infections through effective prevention measures,’ said Mr. Dicko.

According to him, this action plan also aims to improve the use of antimicrobial drugs in human and animal health and in agriculture.

The Minister Delegate in charge of animal resources also noted that the said plan aims to streng
then the regulatory framework for the fight against AMR.

In his opinion, this first edition, placed under the theme: ‘Fight against antimicrobial resistance in Burkina Faso: assessment, challenges and perspectives in a context of new epidemics and security challenges’ fits perfectly with the objectives of the plan.

According to the president of the scientific committee, Professor Rasmata Ouédraogo, the worrying data on the level of resistance of certain germs as well as the poor development of new antibiotics have raised awareness among the international community.

According to Professor Ouédraogo, we must act quickly to contain this resistance which constitutes a real threat to all of humanity.

‘This symposium constitutes an opportunity for exchanges allowing the national community to promote the achievements of the implementation of the plan to combat AMR in Burkina Faso, to identify the shortcomings and especially the priority actions to be carried out in the coming years,’ she clarified .

Professor R
asmata Ouédraogo explained that by involving young people in the current approach to this fight, the stakeholders want to empower them in order to anticipate.

She indicated that more than 300 participants are expected at this conference which will be held from March 12 to 13, 2024 at the University of Joseph Ki-Zerbo.

The president of the organizing committee, Professor Abdoul Salam Ouédraogo, for his part, specified that the 48-hour meeting will bring together, among others, teachers and students of varied profiles and decision-makers from different ministries.

For the representative of USAID, partner of the Ministry in charge of Health, Alyson McFarland, AMR endangers the health of populations and compromises their security.

Ms. McFarland also invited participants to take better ownership of the symposium to be able to effectively fight against AMR in Burkina Faso.

Note that antimicrobial resistance occurs when microbes develop capacities that allow them to resist antibiotics which usually slow down th
eir growth

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Yagha/Handover: Eric Sawadogo installed in his new functions as Prefect and PDS of Sebba

The Secretary General of the Yagha province Mathieu Tingueri officially installed Wednesday in the meeting room of the Sahel governorate, Moussa known as Eric Sawadogo in his new functions as prefect of the department and President of the delegation special (PDS) of the commune of Sebba, noted an AIB journalist on site.

This ceremony was chaired by the Secretary General of the Yagha province Mathieu Tingueri representing the High Commissioner who was unable to attend and in the presence of local authorities and all the active forces of the commune of Sebba.

Outgoing PDS Braïman Bayoulou gave a brief summary of his time in the Sahel. Indeed, Mr. Bayoulou, during the fifteen years spent in the Sahel, took on many challenges at the DPPN-Yagha before going to Oudalan in the three border zone as head of post. Before returning to Sebba on August 22, 2022 as PDS, he was prefect of the Mansila department.

The outgoing PDS thanked all those who directly or indirectly supported him throughout his mandate in achievin
g the objectives assigned to him. He asked the new PDS to hold on because the challenge ahead is enormous. The commune of Sebba has been under blockade by terrorists for several years.*

The population needs consistent support. The displacement of populations has meant that the need is felt in Sebba, Dori, Ouagadougou and almost everywhere in Burkina. He available remains to support populations and authorities whatever the time or place where he will be useful for the region.

As for the incoming PDS Moussa known as Eric Sawadogo, he spoke by thanking the authorities who had confidence in him by appointing him to this position. The challenges to be met are enormous, especially at this time when populations need more support. This is the place for him to reassure these authorities, all his commitment to supporting everyone.

He asked for support from the populations and authorities to achieve the objectives assigned to him.

Before delivering the closing remarks of the ceremony, the Secretary General of the Ya
gha province Mr. Tingueri thanked the PDS from the commune of Sebba for all the work done in the Sahel region during the fifteen years spent in the service of the nation.

‘The work is not finished because the nation still needs you,’ he said, continuing that ‘you are leaving the Sahel, but you will be serving in another locality in the country. Stay available at all times because you will be needed at any time.’

As for the PDS who entered, the SG welcomed him to Sebba. ‘The work is enormous and the authority asks you to be available at all times. You have everyone’s support and get to work already.’

Finally, the Secretary General thanked everyone present for their availability and on behalf of the High Commissioner, he reassured that everything is being done by the authorities for the return of peace to Sebba.

As a reminder, Mr. Moussa known as Éric SAWADOGO was appointed to the Council of Ministers at its meeting of February 28, 2024.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Bazèga/School Arts Prize Festival: Around twenty schools in the running for the 17th edition

The start of the 17th edition of the ‘School Arts Prize’ (PAS) festival scheduled from March 12 to 17, 2024, was given this Tuesday, March 12, 2024 in Kombissiri. Around twenty establishments from the communes of Bazèga and Zoundwéogo compete to promote Burkinabè culture.

The activities of the 17th edition of the ‘School Arts Prize’ festival were launched this Tuesday, March 12 in Kombissiri. 10 post-primary and secondary establishments and 9 primary establishments, for a total of 19 establishments are in the running for this edition. It is under the theme: ‘Artistic expressions and territorial reconquest’, that the students of these establishments will, through the various services, demonstrate their know-how for the promotion of Burkinabè culture in all its diversity.

For the promoter of the festival, Mahamadi Bonkoungou, also executive director of the Bienvenue theater du Bazèga (BTB) association, the chosen theme is linked to the context of the country. ‘We want that through the various performances of
the students, spectators of all ages are made aware of supporting our defense and security forces and volunteers for the defense of the homeland in the fight against insecurity and the reconquest of the territory’, he indicated.

During this festival, these establishments from the communes of Kombissiri, Doulougou and Gaongo in the province of Bazèga and those from the communes of Manga and Gogo in the province of Zoundwéogo will compete in talent in the disciplines of dance, theater and storytelling. , recital and drawing-painting.

The High Commissioner of the province, Téné Justine Kientega/Ilboudo, congratulated the promoter for the initiative which contributes to educating students and promoting Burkinabè culture. She also encouraged all the establishments taking part in this festival, before declaring the festival activities launched.

The competitive performances began on the first evening of the festival for certain establishments. In addition to the competition performances, animation performances by
experienced and budding artists are also planned. This edition, placed under the patronage of the Minister in charge of culture, Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, is being held this year on the new site located in sector 5 of Kombissiri where the festival activities must now take place. The announcement of the results of the 17th edition of the ‘School Arts Prize’ festival is scheduled for Saturday March 16, 2024.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Comoé: An association organizes 96 hours of solidarity with vulnerable people

The association educator of committed to the family organized in Banfora, under the patronage of El Hadj Souleymane SOULAMA, the presidency of the President of the special delegation of the commune of Banfora, Yacouba BARO and the sponsorship of Olivia SOME /HEMA, Coordinator of the Munyu women’s association, 96 hours of solidarity towards vulnerable people in the city of Banfora, from March 7 to 10, 2024. The objective was to collect food and clothing for the benefit of internally displaced people and vulnerable.

Activities were initiated during these 96 hours which are, among others, the exhibition fair for the sale of various products, a blood donation for the benefit of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS), and volunteers for the defense of the homeland (VDP) who are fighting for the reconquest of territorial integrity, screening for cervical and breast cancer and viral hepatitis.

According to the president of the association of Educators Committed to the Family, Maimouna KOITA/DIARRA, it has already b
een a little over 8 years since our country, Burkina Faso, has been confronted with the phenomenon of terrorism which has led to a massive displacement of populations. . These internally displaced people swell the number of vulnerable people in the localities which welcome them through this war which is imposed on us.

Concerned by this situation, the educators committed to the family found it necessary to initiate these 96 hours of solidarity towards these vulnerable people. The benefits of all these activities will be used for the benefit of these vulnerable people to enable them to get through this marked period of Lent for both Muslims and Christians.

The president explained that these 96 hours allowed the association to collect 2 tons of rice. ‘We chose the first week of March, commonly called women’s month, to organize these 96 hours of activities as women to show these vulnerable people that our hearts are with them,’ she said. .

The Patron of this edition, Souleymane SOULAMA, thanked the AEEF for th
is great initiative which is to help vulnerable people. He also expressed his availability and commitment to supporting these types of initiatives because vulnerable people always need everyone’s support to improve their living conditions. He therefore invited all Burkinabè people, all people of good will to follow suit to help and support these vulnerable people so that they do not feel alone or give up.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

South-West regional dialogue framework: More than 108 billion CFA francs of investment planned between 2024-2026

Members of the South-West Regional Dialogue Framework met for the first ordinary session of the year, devoted to the annual regional review of the National Development Policy (PND), on Tuesday March 5 2024 in Gaoua, under the of the governor, Boureima Savadogo.

The results as of December 31, 2023 of the regional performance report for the year 2023, according to the president of the Regional Dialogue Framework, Boureima Savadogo, also governor of the South-West region, show an average physical rate of 83.54% .

‘Financially, the programming amounted to 16,737,862,524 CFA francs with an executed expenditure of 13,361,194,757 CFA francs, or an execution rate of 79.83%,’ continued Boureima Savadogo.

An assessment considered satisfactory, he affirmed, in view of the security context experienced by the country. But the tree should not hide the forest, said the governor.

This is why Mr. Savadogo suggested that the objective in the coming months will be to do better to improve and consolidate current achievements

To this end, the regional director of economy and planning of the South West, Yabiri Tenkodogo, informed the members of the CRD that in perspective, for the period 2024-2026, the programmed development actions concern the four pillars of the transition.

These are the fight against terrorism, the response to the humanitarian crisis, the improvement of governance, and national reconciliation.

Before emphasizing that the forecast amount over this period is more than 108 billion CFA francs.

The major actions concern, among other things, the acquisition of machines for the Defense and Security Forces (FDS), the construction of the Gaoua Regional University Hospital Center (CHRU), maternity wards, a biomedical analysis laboratory, Medical center with surgical branch ( CMA) of Kampti, Health and Social Promotion Center (CSPS), schools, markets, asphalting of roads, development and rehabilitation of rural roads and rehabilitation of asphalted roads.

After examining the various projects, the members of the CRD
unanimously adopted the updated regional Action Plan for Stabilization and Development (PA-SD) of the South-West 2024-2026 subject to taking into account the observations and amendments made during discussions.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Climate change in Burkina Faso: Local governments are training on climate finance

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in collaboration with the Green Climate Fund, trained from March 11 to 12, 2024 in Bobo-Dioulasso, local governments on information climate change and climate finance. This training aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of participants in the fight against climate change.

Local governments, namely members of regional and municipal councils in the Hauts-Bassins region, have been trained on the issues of climate change and on the policies and mechanisms put in place to mobilize the financing necessary for this purpose.

Twenty-five in number, they came from different localities in the region for this session.

This training opportunity was offered to them by the IUCN through its preparatory project, ‘Strengthening the technical and operational capacities of the AND (Designated National Authority) and its network to provide strategic support to stakeholders in Green Fund activities for the climate in Burkina Faso’ .

This project is supported by th
e Green Climate Fund. It aims to strengthen the capacities and technical and operational skills of the executive secretariat of the AND in Burkina Faso and its network so that they can provide effective support for the development and implementation of adaptation actions. and climate change mitigation in Burkina Faso.

As part of the implementation of the said program, it is planned to organize thirteen awareness sessions in the thirteen regions of Burkina Faso on climate information in 2024 in order to strengthen the knowledge of these actors on adaptation efforts to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation .

It is with this in mind that those in the Hauts-Bassins region were trained for two days on current events and projections on climate change in Burkina Faso or on generalities on climate finance.

The chief of staff of the Hauts-Bassins Regional Council, Yaya Sanou, praised the holding of the session because it was an opportunity to discuss innovative solutions to meet the challenges of c
limate change in the region.

The project manager at IUCN in Burkina Faso, Bassourou Boyla, agreed.

For him, it is with the combination of all efforts that we will succeed in building a more sustainable and resilient future for Burkina Faso and the entire planet, hence the initiative of the session.

‘The overall objective of this session is to strengthen the knowledge of stakeholders in the Hauts-Bassins region on efforts to adapt to climate change and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Through this initiative, we aim to reduce the information gaps between central and local administrations as well as between scientists and local communities on climate actions in our country,’ underlined M Boyla.

This training, added the designated national authority of the green climate fund, Nebyida Kaboré, is welcome.

It made it possible to give the basics to those closest to the populations to formulate climate-related projects in order to have access to financing from the Green Climate Fund.

Source: Burkina Informat
ion Agency

Burkina: African initiative introduces students from Malgab Zanga college to first aid procedures

Ouagadougou: The Russian-Burkinabe association African initiative organized training on first aid procedures for students at Malgab Zanga college on Wednesday March 13.

The African Initiative association continues its mission of introducing young people to first aid procedures.

After Badnoogoo high school on March 7, it is the turn of around a hundred students from Malgab Zanga college in Ouagadougou to benefit from training in first aid with Dr. Dimitri Boblnya.

The students were introduced to the actions to adopt during the most frequent incidents such as accidents, choking, respiratory problems and drowning.

For Dr Doblnya, whatever the incident, you must always assess the situation to ensure that you do not run any risk yourself and designate a person who will call for help while you administer first aid.

‘In the event of an accident, or other incident, you must always check that the person is breathing by listening to their heartbeat or by checking the pulsation of the blood in their wrist or the la
rge arteries in their neck,’ he said. indicated Dr. Doblnya.

He also told the students how to perform cardiac massage in the event of respiratory arrest.

‘It is necessary to alternate between cardiac massage and artificial respiration until the ambulance arrives and ensure good air circulation around the victim,’ explained Dr Doblnya.

The doctor also showed the students, among other things, how to place an injured person or person with respiratory problems in a lateral safety position.

The students also learned what to do in the event of electrocution, suffocation and drowning.

According to Nikièma Ahmed, a 3rd A student, this training was very useful to him because in the event of drowning for example, he will know how to help.

‘Also, at home, if one of my brothers was electrocuted, I could use what I learned here to save him,’ he said.

For the president of the African initiative association Azenwo Soumaïla Ayo, the aim of this training is to arouse a taste for the medical profession among students.

‘School being a place of life, it is completely normal for children to have knowledge of first aid,’ continued Mr. Ayo.

According to him, from now on if an incident occurs in the school, students will be empowered to provide first aid to the victim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

On the sidelines of this training, the association, African Initiativ offered, to the Maneg Zanga college, a pharmaceutical product kit, composed, among other things, of betadines, compresses, blood pressure monitors and balloons.

The African Initiativ association will be, on Friday March 15, 2024, at the CEG in Kouritenga, the 8th school to benefit from this training on first aid actions.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Nigeria finally opens its borders with Niger and lifts other sanctions

Ouagadougou: Nigeria has announced the opening of land and air borders with its neighbor Niger. This was announced by the spokesperson for the Nigerian president, Ajuri Ngelale.

Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, “ordered the immediate opening of Nigeria’s land and air borders with Niger and the lifting of other sanctions,” Ngelale was quoted as saying by the Premium Times newspaper. According to him, this measure follows the decisions taken at the summit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to cancel all sanctions against Niger previously imposed following the takeover of power. military group in this country at the end of July 2023. All Niger’s assets with the ECOWAS Central Bank will also be thawed by order of Bola Tinubu, who is this year the president of the community.

The soldiers of the Presidential Guard took power in Niger last July. They dismissed President Mohamed Bazoum. The National Council for the Safeguarding of the Homeland, led by the commander of the Presidential Guard,
Abdourahamane Tchiani, was created to govern the country.

ECOWAS responded by imposing sanctions against Niger, including closing its borders with Nigeria and banning air traffic. All financial transactions with the country were also halted and Niger State assets in ECOWAS central banks were frozen. On February 24, the ECOWAS summit lifted sanctions not only against Niger, but also against Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea, where military coups were also carried out.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The government first announces the recruitment of 5,364 agents in 2024

Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè government announced Wednesday, during the traditional meeting of ministers, the recruitment of 5,364 agents for the year 2024.

According to the Minister in charge of the Civil Service Bassolma Bazié, the council authorized the opening of 5,364 positions to be filled to begin with.

‘As we move forward, depending on the priorities identified by the government, we can decide on specific recruitment in a given sector to complete,’ specified Minister of State Bassolma Bazié.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Minister Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo encourages budding slammer Ethan

Ouagadougou: The Minister of State, Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism, Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, received in his office the young slammer Ethan, a CM1 student, revealed to the public during his appearance on the ‘RTB matin’ show.

Ethan, whose talent in slam was immediately noticed by RTB viewers, was congratulated and encouraged by the Minister in charge of Culture, Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo. The minister also provided advice to the budding artist so that his school career continues in the best conditions.

‘The head of the Department of Culture undertakes to support the young slammer in the production of a single of the text he declaimed on RTB. Instructions were given to this effect to the Burkinabè Copyright Office (BBDA) to produce this single,’ report Minister Ouédraogo’s communications services.

Source: Burkina Information Agency