Results of the 1st round of BEPC 2024: Ganzourgou records 34.15% success

Zorgho: The results of the first round of the First Cycle Studies Certificate (BEPC) examinations fell on June 11, 2024 in the various juries in Ganzourgou in the Central Plateau region. The province records a 34.15% success rate.

Out of 3231 candidates registered for the BEPC session of 2024 in the province of Ganzourgou including 1109 boys and 2122 girls, 1088 boys and 2080 girls, a total of 3168 candidates responded.

Of these candidates present, 483 boys and 599 girls, or a total of 1082 candidates, were admitted to the first round, representing an overall success rate of 34.15% including 44.39% for boys and 28.80% for girls.

1380 candidates including 442 boys and 938 girls are called upon to take the control tests commonly called second round tests.

Of the 12 juries in the province, the Zorgho 3 jury recorded the highest rate in the first round, i.e. 45.08%. The lowest rate is recorded at the Zam 1 jury, i.e. 20.24%.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: More than 1 billion FCFA to improve the living and study conditions of students.

Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè National Lottery (LONAB) and the National Fund for Education and Research (FONER) signed, Monday, a financing agreement of one billion 250 million CFA francs with a view to to improve the living and study conditions of students.

According to the Minister in charge of the Economy Aboubakar Nacanabo, this subsidy which covers the period 2024-2028 will be allocated at the rate of 250 million CFA francs per year.

For him, the signing of the agreement on Monday June 10, 2024 in Ouagadougou, reflects LONAB’s desire to curb the financial problems linked to studies.

This memorandum of understanding is part of the general framework of LONAB’s support for the care of non-scholarship Burkinabe students regularly enrolled in public higher education establishments, the minister indicated.

Aboubakar Nacanabo explained that the agreement also takes into account students registered in the second year of a master’s degree or in the doctoral cycle for research costs or to participate in conferenc
es, seminars and workshops.

Furthermore, activities of a social, cultural and sporting nature for the benefit of students, carried out in particular by student associations or structures, will benefit from this financial support, clarified Aboubakar Nacanabo.

Education being a priority for Burkina Faso, Aboubakar Nacanabo reassured everyone that LONAB will continue this type of support within the limits of its possibilities.

It should be remembered that this agreement follows that signed in November 2018 and which has expired.

According to FONER data, in 2023 aid grants were granted to 85,000 students.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Thomas Sankara University organizes training to promote mathematics in sub-Saharan Africa

Ouagadougou: Thomas Sankara University is organizing in collaboration with the International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics and the African Mathematics Union, from May 20 to 31, 2024 in Ouagadougou, an African Mathematics School (EMA) in order to to stimulate young people’s interest in mathematics and to breathe new life into teaching and research in the discipline in sub-Saharan countries.

The opening ceremony of the African Mathematical School (EMA) which is being held from May 20 to 31, 2024 in Ouagadougou took place on Monday, May 20 in the presence of the president of the Thomas Sankara University, Professor Pam Zahonogo.

‘Today we have difficulty getting people to navigate mathematical disciplines that are often presented as difficult.

Such a school provides the opportunity to show that in reality one can do well in mathematics and that people should not be afraid to pursue these disciplines. This will offer opportunities to renew the teaching staff in universities, high schools and colleges
,’ confided the president of Thomas Sankara University, Professor Pam Zahonogo.

Placed under the theme: ‘theory of representations and applications in physical sciences’, the meeting aims to contribute to the scientific activities of Thomas Sankara University by proposing a framework for sharing experience on research in mathematics between teacher-researchers.

According to the president of the organizing committee, Professor Ibrahim Nonkané, the organization of this cultural event can be explained by the disinterest of young people in the abstract. This means that certain disciplines such as algebra and geometry are neglected.

The participants in this school, who are mainly doctoral and master’s students, were selected through a call for applications, he underlined. ‘We had more than 150 applicants but given our means we wanted 50 so the scientific committee pre-selected these fifty participants from Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Niger and Congo Brazzaville,’ said the president of the organizing comm

The two-week program includes supported application refresher courses by Burkinabè and expatriate experts. There will also be panels and scientific communications.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Koulpelogo: All teachers ordered to return to classes tomorrow Monday

Ouargaye, December 3 2023(AIB)-Primary, primary and secondary school teachers who have not yet joined their positions in Koulpelogo, have until tomorrow Monday December 4, 2023 to do so, due to the improvement in security situation and the reopening of a good number of schools, insist their first officials, leaving administrative sanctions against the offenders.

Burkina Faso Information Agency

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“I have noticed that despite the improvement in the security situation in the Koulpélogo province which has allowed the reopening of a good number of schools, certain agents have still not returned to their posts.

This is an opportunity for me to congratulate the district heads and directors present in their posts since the start of the administrative year, for their patriotic burst, their self-sacrifice at work and their resilience.

However, it is unacceptable that in localities where other primary schools and health centers have resumed service, certain schools in said areas are struggling to bring together a third of their staff. Despite the multiple calls through communication channels, the findings have not significantly evolved.

Also, I would like to invite all absent agents from schools, without distinction of any kind, to return to their service no later than Monday, December 4, 2023, for the continuity of educational activities.

After this period, the formal notice procedure will be initiated against them with all the consequences attached to it.

With this in mind, the district heads (and the heads of establishments) are responsible, each as far as they are concerned, for establishing the list of absent agents and sending it to me no later than Wednesday December 6, 2023, deadline of rigor .

I value diligent execution of the terms hereof. », wrote the Provincial Director in charge of preschool, primary and non-formal Education Alexis Kiema and his colleague in charge of primary and secondary education, Hamadou Gassamé, in two press releases with almost similar content.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Zoundwéogo: Members of school governments retrained in communication and advocacy techniques

Manga, 50 students from primary and post-primary educational establishments in the communes of Guiba and Gogo in the province of Zoundwéogo, members of school governments, took part, from October 31 to November 1, 2023 in Manga, in a capacity building workshop in communication and advocacy techniques.

Members of school governments from primary and post-primary education establishments in the communes of Guiba and Gogo in the province of Zoundwéogo saw their capacities strengthened in communication and advocacy techniques. The initiative for this recycling session which lasted from October 31 to November 1, 2023 is from the Zak La Yilguemdé Association (AZLY).

It is part of the implementation of the program entitled “At school with complete peace of mind” which benefits from the financial and technical support of the Dutch Kinderpostzegels foundation, underlined, at the start of the session, the executive secretary of AZLY, Aimée Yaméogo .

A total of 50 students, including 24 from primary school and 26 from post-primary school, as well as their coordinating teachers, benefited from this training.

During the two days, thematic presentations, sharing of experiences, group work and capitalization workshops constituted the different articulations of the work carried out in “an active and participatory educational approach”, noted the facilitator of the workshop. Emile Ouédraogo.

The exchanges during these activities above all allowed participants to update themselves on the notions contained in the concepts of advocacy and lobbying. They also allowed them to be better equipped on the approach and content of advocacy, the link between communication and advocacy and the effective conduct of advocacy actions.

The participants, in their interventions, indicated that the development session was useful insofar as it will allow them to be more effective in the field by carrying out their communication and advocacy actions.

For them, the success of said actions will be essential to, on the one hand, strengthen mutual aid and solidarity between students and, on the other hand, obtain the necessary support from educational and administrative officials and community leaders for the resolution. concerns that undermine the academic success of many children such as the insecurity and precariousness of family life, stressful and unstable. This will, in turn, prevent several students from dropping out or failing at school, they added.

The “At school with complete peace of mind” program, in which the training activity is part, intends, by the end of 2024, to contribute to making “children capable of helping each other to maximize their opportunity”, according to the terms of reference. of the activity. It is based, adds the document, on the idea of the existence of close links between the notions of participation, education and empowerment, which must reinforce each other to add a “transformative” character to participation and the child’s resilience.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Soon scientific cooperation between the universities of Burkina and those of Iran

Ouagadougou, The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Burkina Faso, Mojtaba Faghihi, announced on Friday scientific cooperation at the university level between his country and Burkina Faso.

“Two weeks ago documents were signed between the two countries within the framework of the Iran-Burkina joint commission and among these documents, there was one which concerned scientific cooperation,” declared Friday, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Burkina Faso, Mojtaba Faghihi .

The ambassador specified that the present visit of the president of the Technical and Professional University to Burkina Faso is the first step to make this commitment a reality.

The Iranian ambassador to Burkina spoke after an interview with the president of the university Joseph KI-Zerbo.

He also stressed that the Iranian Technical and Vocational University has succeeded in creating a bridge between the university and businesses and that this allows people who study there to easily find work.

Mojtaba Faghihi added that Joseph Ki-Zerbo University is the largest and oldest university in Burkina Faso with illustrious personalities as teachers.

For him, this interview made it possible to forge links between young people and between academic circles in the two countries.

“It is a promising prospect because academics from all over the world are able to understand each other and that is why they will be able to facilitate relations between the two countries,” insisted Mojtaba Faghihi.

He concluded these remarks by reminding that the Technical and Vocational University of Iran as well as its president Dr. Erfan Khosrvian who participated in the interview, are ready to share their experiences with Joseph KI-Zerbo University.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Prime Minister congratulates students who chose agriculture as a career

Ouagadougou, The Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Me Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambèla, congratulated yesterday Friday in Bagré (Centre-East), students who, according to him, took the right option, to work in the profitable agriculture sector.

“Instead of being there jostling in recruitment offices just for administrative work which doesn’t lead to much, here we have the concrete. That is to say the work which nourishes its Man and which leads students to autonomy and self-employment”, declared Friday on the Bagrépôle site, Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambèla.

For the head of government, by returning to the land, these students have “made a good choice in a sector where there is no unemployment”.

He urged all Burkinabè people to get back to work, particularly agrosylvopastoral work.

“The earth does not bind. When you give yourself to her, she responds favorably”, faith of Me Apollinaire Kyelem of Tambèla.

According to him, it is enough to awaken the numerous “dormant potentials” to make Burkina Faso an agrosylvopastoral and industrial country.

Source: Burkina Information Agency


Zorgho, The Sanbrado Mines Company (SOMISA) signed a scholarship agreement with two new high school graduates from the commune of Boudry on October 2, 2023 at Boudry town hall. This took place during a ceremony chaired by the high commissioner of Ganzourgou province, Mrs. Aminata Sorghum/Gouba.

As part of the Sanbrado Mines Society (SOMISA) scholarship program, Sylvie W. Zabda and Abdoul Sakourou Tiendrébéogo, two students from the Boudry departmental high school, were selected among the best high school graduates of the 2023 session of the high schools in the commune of Boudry to benefit from a three-year scholarship for their university studies.

The signing of the scholarship agreement between SOMISA and the beneficiaries took place in the meeting room of the town hall of Boudry, under the chairmanship of the high commissioner of the province of Ganzourgou, Mrs. Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, in the presence of some authorities, including the President of the special delegation from the commune of Boudry, school managers, representatives of SOMISA and parents of students.

According to the terms of the agreement communicated to the beneficiaries, the scholarship covers registration fees and other compulsory additional costs when registering for a maximum of three years of higher education (equivalent to the license) without discontinuity or repetition. It also includes the purchase of basic computer equipment relevant to the needs of the studies chosen at the start of the first year. It also offers academic internships within SOMISA in the second and third year of study, but does not automatically guarantee employment to the beneficiary.

After signing the agreement, the beneficiaries each received a laptop computer with the software necessary for their studies.

For Aurélia Bassinga, the senior HR business partner at SOMISA, the scholarship program is part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and represents a way for SOMISA to contribute to education and quality professional training for young people in the community, in order to make them employable and contribute to the development of their community. “By investing in the education and training of these young talents, we are helping to shape a better future for themselves,” said SOMISA Senior Community Relations Coordinator Christelle Foméni.

According to her, the selected students demonstrated exceptional academic potential, as well as determination and passion for their field of study. “They embody the values of excellence, innovation and perseverance that we cherish within our company,” she emphasized. She expressed hope that the fellows would become thought leaders and innovators in their fields, thereby contributing significantly to the development of society. She also mentioned the first two beneficiaries of the 2022 edition, who obtained good averages in their sectors, and affirmed SOMISA’s commitment to supporting them throughout their journey.

The two scholarship recipients all chose to pursue studies in applied geology and mining. They expressed their joy at having been selected and thanked SOMISA for its support. “With this scholarship, I will be able to achieve my goals,” said Sylvie Zabda. They are all committed to working hard to not only realize their dreams, but also to satisfy the initiators of the scholarship.

The High Commissioner, Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, and the President of the Special Delegation (PDS) of Boudry, D. Mohamed Ouédraogo, thanked SOMISA for initiating this scholarship program. According to Ms. Sorgho, this will allow the winners to advance in their studies, especially since in addition to financial and material support, they will benefit from the supervision of sponsors to stimulate their learning. She encouraged the beneficiaries to work hard to earn this opportunity, while expressing the hope that the mine could increase the number of beneficiaries for the sake of the students.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Kossi/Education: The Provincial Director in charge of Education, Adama Dao speaks on the challenges of Education

Nouna, As the 2023-2024 school year begins, the provincial director of primary and non-formal preschool education in Kossi, Adama Dao, spoke on Friday October 13, 2023 in Nouna, on the challenges that present themselves to him, through an Interview given to the Burkina Information Agency.

AIB: How is education as a whole in Kossi during this period?

Adama DAO: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves on the situation during this difficult time. The administrative start on October 15, 2023 in the context of insecurity was not easy.

Nevertheless, there were a significant number of teachers who were on site to prepare for the start of the school year.

Generally speaking, the supervision teams found enough teachers in the schools. With the blessing of the administrative authorities, a convoy was organized on September 26 for teachers to allow them to reach Nouna and Djibasso.

On October 2, the provincial authorities visited local schools to see the effectiveness of the start of the school year and there was satisfaction.

A second convoy is in sight to bring in the latecomers.

AIB: What are the challenges facing you?

Adama DAO: Of the ten communes of the province except Kombori, there are three Basic Education Circumscriptions (CEB) which operate: Nouna, Djibasso, Madouba and the six other CEBs are relocated to Nouna. Fortunately, UNICEF provided us with tents for the relocated CEBs to accommodate students.

Last year, with the lack of preparation and the influx of internally displaced people, we had difficulties. This year, we were able to anticipate and sufficiently prepare parents through awareness raising.

The challenges that arise are mainly at the canteen level. Nouna is under blockade of terrorists and the villages are not left out.

The students cannot go back to the villages to look for cereals and the host population has not been able to cultivate.

We need to plead with partners for the provision of food such as the WFP and SONAGESS Nouna, in contact with the MENA, so that the town of Nouna is quickly provided with food.

AIB: How is the collaboration going with the social partners?

Adama DAO: Dialogue always prevails in order to reduce difficulties. We are always in a constructive spirit, there is mutual understanding.

AIB: What is the message you had for the partners?

Adama DAO: Allow me to first thank the High Commissioner and the President of the special delegation from the commune of Nouna, who are fully committed to the cause of children.

I salute the resilience of teachers for the sacrifices made for the benefit of students. I have not forgotten all the players who support us.

As Joseph KI-ZERBO said, “We are obliged to educate if we want to exist”. It’s a question of existence, we are committed and I think we will succeed if we stay united.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Boulgou/back to school: Students from Kiboulé A and B school in Bittou return to school under tents

The basic education district of Bittou installed tent classes in the Kiboulé A and B schools of Bittou on Wednesday September 4, 2023 under the presence of the 1st Vice-President of the special delegation of the commune of Bittou.

The ceremony for handing over school kits to the students of Kiboulé A and B in Bittou takes place on Wednesday September 4, 2023 within the premises of the said schools. It is preceded by the installation the day before of 2 tents provided by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The ceremony was chaired by the 1st Vice-President of the delegation of the commune of Bittou, Mrs. Zampaligré/Kambone Awa, in the presence of the Brigade Commander of the territorial gendarmerie of Bittou, the Head of the basic education district of Bittou, teachers, parents and students from these 2 beneficiary schools.

The 1st Vice-President took the floor to express her joy at this donation from UNICEF which comes to relieve the town of Bittou.

She also invited teachers, parents and students to make good use of it.

She also translated her words of thanks to UNICEF, to the authorities in charge of education and to the administrative authorities of the Center-East region.

The 1st Vice-President of the special delegation hoped to see, in the coming days, the construction of a new building to replace the old building damaged by torrential rains in March 2023.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The 2023-2024 school year is effective in Gnagna.

The Provincial Director of Primary and Non-Formal Preschool Education of Gnagna, Salam OUEDRAOGO, officially launched, on Monday October 2, 2023 at the BANTIA public primary school in Bogandé, the 2023-2024 academic year.

Teachers and students in the Gnagna province officially returned to school this Monday, October 2, 2023. The starting signal was given at the BANTIA public primary school in Bogandé.

On the occasion, local authorities, all staff of educational structures and social partners as well as students mobilized for a collective rise of colors with the performance of the victory anthem, the Ditanyè.

In his address, the provincial director in charge of education, Salam Ouédraogo, thanked and encouraged the entire educational world for the results achieved during the 2022-2023 school year.

Also, he reaffirmed the commitment of the hierarchy to support all initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in the province of Gnagna.

Teams of educational supervisors accompanied by staff from the provincial management went to the various schools in the city and those called outsourced schools to see the effectiveness of the start of the school year and to encourage the teaching staff.

The difficulties essentially boil down to the occupation of certain classrooms by internally displaced people, the lack of classrooms for certain relocated schools and the recruitment of new students in non-displaced villages.

As a reminder, the province of Gnagna achieved a success rate of around 87.31% in the Primary Study Certificate (CEP) session 2022-2023.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Trophies and scholarships for 20 students who excel in science subjects

10 students admitted to the Baccalaureate and 10 others to the BEPC and who excel in scientific subjects, received from the Impact Femme Association, trophies and annual scholarships (each) of 500,000 FCFA and of 200,000 FCFA , for a period of three years.

Burkina Faso Information Agency

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Prize for academic excellence in scientific subjects: “Development requires that there be more promotion of science and technology”, Dr Ferdinand Ouédraogo

The Chief of Staff, representing the Prime Minister, Dr Ferdinand Ouédraogo, chaired on the evening of Friday September 29, 2023 in Ouagadougou, the night of excellence which rewards the best students in scientific disciplines. Organized by the Impact Femme association, the night of excellence is celebrated under the theme “Together towards scientific summits”.

The Impact Femme association held a night of excellence on Friday evening called ”the THOT AFRICA SCIENTIA awards” to reward 20 students, including 18 girls and 2 boys excelling in scientific subjects.

According to the president of Impact Femme, Kotima Rouamba, the THOT AFRICA SCIENTIA awards rewarded 20 students, ie 10 at the Brevet d’Etudes du Premier cycle (BEPC) and 10 at the Baccalauréat. These winners are chosen from among students admitted to the Baccalaureate exams and the BEPC, with at least a general average of 16/20 and a score of 18/20 in the scientific disciplines which are: mathematics, physics-chemistry and science of life and the earth.

The winners in the BEPC category each received a trophy and an annual grant of 200,000 FCFA for three years. As for the Baccalaureate winners, each receives an annual scholarship of 500,000 FCFA for three years and a trophy.

“It’s a very good initiative, because for a very long time, we have been lagging behind in science and technology and this lag still persists. This is due to the fact that we do not train enough in scientific and technical fields and the case of women is even harder,” declared the Director of the Cabinet, representing the Prime Minister, Dr Ferdinand Ouédraogo.

He said he encouraged the promoter so that she could further celebrate this initiative which will improve the performance of the education system and impact the development of the country.

“Without the promotion of science and technology, there is no development. Development requires that there be a lot of promotion of science and technology,” he added.

Furthermore, Dr Ferdinand Ouédraogo hopes that the actions and reflections carried out as part of the celebration of the THOT AFRICA SCIENTIA prize will contribute to consolidating the paths already taken towards the objectives of the Transition in terms of quality education.

Source: Burkina Information Agency