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Franco-Seychellois singer Vanessa Anacoura releases 2 singles

Franco-Seychellois singer Vanessa Anacoura has released two songs on various musical platforms and is looking to make a name for herself in the music industry.Anacoura, who is singing on a part-time basis, has released two singles “Je ne veut plus

Artisan Miner Day: Award-winning actors

Special and official prizes were awarded to several mining artisans for their example in the field, at the end of the second edition of the Artisan Mining DayThe curtains fell on the second edition of Artisan Mining Day (JAM) in

4 golden anniversaries celebrated in Seychelles in 2023

This year is full of anniversaries of events and milestones for Seychelles. Many of these milestones and events are now 50 years old and are the footprints of the Seychellois people’s history.SNA brings you 4 golden anniversaries being celebrated in