Namentenga: A tractor presented to the authorities, as part of the presidential initiative

The provincial directorate of Agriculture, animal and fisheries resources presented on Wednesday June 19, 2024 in Boulsa, the tractor of the locality’s agropastoral offensive.

It is a brand new tractor which was allocated on Wednesday June 19, 2024 to the commune of Boulsa, for the implementation of the presidential initiative, namely the agropastoral offensive for sustainable food self-sufficiency.

The plowing process, priority beneficiaries and tractor management were defined on this occasion. The other 5 municipalities out of the 8 in the province are impatiently waiting for their turn.

The head of the departmental agricultural mechanization brigade, Néhémie Nana, said that a technical note defines the implementation of free plowing.

According to Mr. Nana, any request for the 2024-2025 agricultural campaign is addressed to the requests analysis committee.

He also explained that the tractor driver is deployed on the ground, after the final validation of the request by a committee of 4 people.

ng to him, the eligible actors are producer cooperatives and individual producers. Concerning military barracks, penitentiary centers, schools or training centers, they must have usable land of at least 5 ha.

Pending the establishment of the various committees, the provincial directorate in charge of Agriculture has prioritized free plowing of developed lowlands and agricultural sites developed for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The other two tractors will be handed over to the communes of Yalgo and Tougouri when the security situation allows.

The high commissioner of the Namentenga province, Adama Conseiga, welcomed the donation which will allow farmers to increase their agricultural yield.

Mr. Conseiga also wished the beneficiaries good use and a good 2024-2025 agricultural season.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Namentenga/Peace effort: The villages of Sini, Boulpèla and Rapèlin offer the sum of 500 thousand FFCA

The resident populations and those of the diaspora of the villages of Sini, Rapèlin and Boulpèla of the commune of Boulsa handed over on June 19, 2024, to the high commissioner of the province, Adama Conseiga, 500 thousand FCFA representing their contribution to the peace effort.

Nationals from the villages of Sini, Boulpèla and Rapèlin submitted a payment receipt for the sum of 500 thousand FCFA to support the peace effort launched by the government.

‘This initiative has contributed to strengthening our once precarious family ties within us,’ underlined Nongdo Kafando, one of the initiators of the group.

For his part, the high commissioner of the province, Adama Conseiga, charged the delegation with conveying the government’s recognition to the donor population.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Laurent Gbagbo, an illustrative victim of ‘media lies’, according to Captain Traoré

Ouagadougou: The President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, indicated yesterday Thursday that most Western media are making media-lies, taking the example of the former president of Côte d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo, pushed out of power in 2011, thanks to support from the French army.

‘Most (Western media) are lying media. They spent the time lying, manipulating. (…) You have several examples. We take the Ivory Coast. Who didn’t hate Gbagbo because of the Western media?

In any case, this is the case for our generation. They lied about him so much, they talked nonsense, they put pressure on him with information that you end up hating the person.

They make a (hideous) model of the person that they impose on your mind and you end up hating the person.

We brought Laurent Gbagbo to the ICC. Afterwards we are told that he is not guilty of anything. Is that serious?’, raged on June 20, 2024, the President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré.

As a reminder, Laurent Gbagbo, declared winner by the Constitutional Council b
ut defeated according to the electoral commission in the presidential election, facing his challenger Alassane Dramane Ouattara, was arrested in April 2011 in Abidjan, during an operation carried out with the support French soldiers and the New Forces (rebels).

Note that the Burkinabè head of state explained to national television agents the underside of the lying campaign carried out for a week by politicians, activists and Western media, making people believe in a mutiny within the army. which would have made President Traoré flee from Burkina.

He called on African and Burkinabè youth in particular to unsubscribe from these media whose reports ‘shame’ them.

‘RFI, France 24, Le Monde, Jeune Afrique… are obliged to do the work that is asked of them. They are not actually free. They don’t live off advertising or anything. It’s false, it’s people who pay (them),’ explained Captain Ibrahim Traoré.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The government recalls the ban on building in administrative reserves

Ouagadougou: The Ministry of Territorial Administration indicated on Friday that citizens who build in administrative reserves will be punished in accordance with the law.

Burkina Faso Information Agency

Read the press release in full

‘The Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Security communicates:

Information in our possession indicates construction activities in administrative reserves, by citizens.

The Minister informs the public that it is strictly prohibited to undertake construction activities in administrative reserves.

Any person found guilty of such practices will face the full force of the law.

The Minister knows how to count on the high sense of responsibility and civic-mindedness of the populations for compliance with the terms of this press release.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Paulo Duarte resigns as head of the Togo Hawks

Ouagadougou: The coach of the Togo Sparrowhawks Paulo Duarte resigned from his post on June 20, announced the Togolese Football Federation in a press release sent to the AIB.

‘The Executive Committee of the Togolese Football Federation (FTF) informs national and international opinion, as well as the public, supporters and partners, of the decision of Mr. Paulo Rebelo Duarte, coach-selector of the national team A of Togo (Eperviers), to terminate his employment contract on June 20, 2024,’ announced a press release signed by the president of the Togolese Football Federation, Colonel Kossi Akpovy.

The Togolese Football Federation says it regrets this decision by coach Duarte but ‘takes note of it and would like to express its gratitude to him for his work, his commitment and his professionalism during the years of collaboration’.

The governing body of Togolese football, which has already started work on recruiting a new coach for the Eperviers, wished ‘great success in the projects’ of the former coach of the
Stallions of Burkina Faso.

Paulo Duarte was twice at the head of the Stallions of Burkina Faso from 2008 to 2012 and from 2015 to 2017 where he obtained the bronze medal with the Burkinabè team during the 2017 CAN.

With Togo, Paulo Duarte only spent a little over two years with the Sparrowhawks without laurels. He failed to qualify for CAN Côte d’Ivoire 2023.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

The invited to better respect the rules in the processing of information and the moderation of forums

Ouagadougou: The online media,, was ordered on Wednesday by the Superior Council of Communication (CSC) to respect regulations in the processing of information and the moderation of discussion forums.

Meeting in support of the transition: ‘We do not want to hear about another president, the one we know is Ibrahim Traoré’, is one of the articles questioned by the CSC.

According to the media regulatory body, this press article published on May 13, 2024, contains violent and hateful remarks, and a call for murder against members of identified political parties.

These comments, which are an incitement to hatred or discrimination through the press, according to the regulator, are punishable in accordance with the provisions of the penal code.

To do this, he ordered to delete the article in question without delay on all media.

The regulatory body also criticizes the organ in its article ‘Burkina: citizens express their expectations for the 5 years in office of President Ibrahim Traor
é’, of May 28, 2024, for not having moderated the Internet users’ forum.

On this subject, the CSC indicated that malicious and offensive comments were noted there, without the media blocking them.

To correct these shortcomings, the regulatory body has ordered the media to strengthen the moderation system of the article forums under the direct responsibility of the editorial staff.

‘IB and the solitude of power’ is also one of the incriminated articles on

Published on May 28, 2024, the regulator, after analyzing the content of the publication, said it had detected unverified facts and tending to disinformation. This is contrary to the ethics of the journalist, specified the CSC which invited the media to respect the veracity of the facts in the comment articles.

In the event of similar breaches or non-compliance with deadlines for the execution of obligations cited by the regulator, the online media,, is exposed to higher sanctions, CSC officials suggested.

The online newspaper, faso
.net, was interviewed by the CSC on June 5, 2024.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Niger withdraws the uranium mining permit from the French company ORANO (formerly Areva)

Ouagadougou: Niger has withdrawn from Orano, a French company formerly known as Areva, the permit to exploit the Imouraren uranium deposit, considered one of the largest deposits of uranium in the world and located in the north of the country.

‘The Minister of Mines, Police Colonel Abarchi Ousmane, notified the Director General of Imouraren SA that the land covered by the ‘Imouraren Permit’ returns to the public domain and is freed from any resulting rights,’ reported this Friday the Niger Press Agency (ANP)

Orano says it has taken ‘note of the decision of the Niger authorities to withdraw from its subsidiary Imouraren SA its permit to exploit the deposit’ according to information disseminated by both the Niger Press Agency and the French Press Agency. .

Orano said it was open to discussions with the Niger authorities but warned that it reserves the right to ‘contest’ this decision to withdraw the operating permit before national or international judicial authorities.

The Nigerien ministry in charge of mi
nes had warned Orano officials, on June 11, 2024, that the permit granted to them for the Imouraren site would be withdrawn if the company did not undertake mining work, within three months, after a first warning dated February.

Orano officials reacted to the warnings by proposing an intervention plan that did not meet Niger’s expectations.

Orano has been exploiting Niger’s uranium deposits for more than 50 years. Its operating site located in the Arlit region is still in operation.

About a quarter of the supply of natural uranium to European nuclear power plants in 2022 came from Niger, the 2nd country behind Kazakhstan and ahead of Canada, according to AFP

The Nigerien authorities, at least since President Tandja, have always expressed their dissatisfaction with the exploitation of the country’s mines.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Mali: ICC issues arrest warrant against Iyad Ag Ghaly

The International Criminal Court issued, this Friday, June 21, 2024, an arrest warrant against Iyad Ag Ghaly, one of the leaders of the Tuareg rebellion and leader of one of the branches of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (‘AQIM’) ), for war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in northern Mali between January 2012 and January 2013.

‘Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court has, at the request of the Prosecutor, made public the arrest warrant against Iyad Ag Ghaly,’ the ICC said in a statement, specifying that the warrant for The arrest had been requested by the prosecutor and was issued under seal on July 18, 2017. Mr. Ghaly is not detained by the ICC.

Mr. Ghaly, also known as ‘Abou Fadl’, was born in the Kidal region, of Malian nationality, of Tuareg ethnicity, and member of the Ifoghas tribe. ‘There are reasonable grounds to believe that he is the undisputed leader of Ansar Dine, which at the time had control of Timbuktu, Mali, jointly with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghre
b (‘AQIM’). added the ICC.

He is suspected of being responsible for war crimes, including the murder of soldiers hors de combat in Aguelhoc; rape, sexual slavery and any other form of sexual violence, bodily harm.

In the charges of crimes against humanity, the ICC prosecutor cites imprisonment or other form of serious deprivation of physical liberty, rape and sexual slavery, but also persecution on religious grounds, as well as persecution of women and girls for sexist reasons.

These crimes were allegedly committed in Mali, in Timbuktu between January 2012 and January 2013, and for the crime of murder of soldiers, in Aguelhoc on January 24, 2012.

‘Mr. Ghaly would be responsible for having committed these crimes, jointly or with other people; for ordering or encouraging their commission, or giving aid, aid or other assistance, or contributing in any other way; and/or as a military leader,’ detailed the ICC.

The Court requested the Registry to prepare a request for cooperation in the arrest and surrender o
f the suspect, and to address it to the competent authorities of any relevant State and/or any other relevant authority.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The government determines maximum quantities of raw gold and other precious substances to possess

Ouagadougou: The government determined on Thursday the maximum quantities of raw gold and other precious substances authorized in possession or detention with a view to allowing the National Society of Precious Substances (SONASP) to capture a greater quantity of gold from artisanal production.

The government adopted a ‘decree determining the maximum quantities of raw gold and other precious substances authorized in possession or detention, announces the report of the council of ministers this Thursday’.

This decree aims to enable the National Society of Precious Substances (SONASP) to capture a greater quantity of gold from artisanal production and also to restore confidence between the mining administration and artisanal miners for flow of their mining products, adds the said report.

According to the same source, this decree is a rereading of that adopted in October 2018 determining the maximum quantities of raw gold and other precious substances authorized in possession or detention.

It allows the Nati
onal Society of Precious Substances to play its role as a public structure in charge of the purchase and sale of gold from gold panning activity, he concluded.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

France fears ‘the terrorist threat and in particular Islamist terrorism’

Ouagadougou: French authorities fear possible attempted terrorist attacks, particularly from radical Islamists, during the Summer Olympics, said Laurent Nunez, Paris police prefect .

‘We are obviously concerned about the terrorist threat and in particular Islamist terrorism. […] There is still no clear threat against the Games and our country but I would still like to remind you that at the end of May, two individuals were arrested in Saint-Étienne and were fomenting a project directly directed against Olympic Games.

This is a major point of attention,’ he indicated during a press conference broadcast by the prefecture’s press service. ‘The terrorist threat remains a significant threat in the same way as the protest threat from small radical groups defending the environment, the ultra-left or the pro-Palestinian movement. »

At the same time, Laurent Nunez recalled the existence of security plans for the Olympic Games, in particular for the means of combating drones, as well as action plans in the event of
nuclear, bacteriological and chemical threats. To ensure the security of public places, it is planned to apply algorithmic video surveillance which is based on the operation of artificial intelligence.

This surveillance consists of coupling cameras with software whose algorithms are supposed to be able to detect predefined events in the middle of a continuous stream of images. In addition to the police and gendarmerie, the French armies plan to provide 10,000 soldiers to ensure security.

The Paris Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11. The opening ceremony is to take place on the Seine. In the context of a high risk of possible threats during the inauguration, which will take place along the banks of the Seine and on the Place du Trocadéro, it was decided to reduce the number of spectators from 600,000 initially to 326,000 and to introduce special QR codes to circulate around the Olympic sites and the banks of the Seine.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Public affairs management Around thirty young people trained in leadership

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is organizing, from June 19 to 23, in Tenkodogo, the second session of the academy for young leaders.

Around thirty young people strengthen their leadership capacities from June 19 to 23, 2024 in Tenkodogo. The initiative is from the National Democratic Institute (NDI), with financial support from the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), which intends to give young people tools in the management of public affairs. Over five days, participants will familiarize themselves with themes such as leadership, democracy, good governance, citizenship, commitment and personal development. Called the Academy of Young Leaders, this session is part of the ‘Democracy Gniè sira or the Path to Democratic Success’ program, designed to strengthen democratic resilience during and after the transition in Burkina Faso, according to the senior resident director of the NDI in Burkina Faso, Kevin Adomayakpor. He explained that faced with the challenges of education,
health, employment and their commitment to development faced by the population, the academy of young leaders is a framework for learning and sharing experiences. . For him, the egalitarian and inclusive participation of citizens in the management of public life is a fundamental element for any society that aspires to peace, justice and development. Mr. Adomayakpor recalled the achievements obtained by the NDI, notably the increased engagement of women and young people in public life, democratic vitality following the various transitions which took place in Burkina, an active and committed civil society which the pride of the continent. However, the resident director of NDI noted threats that impact living together and democratic consolidation in Burkina Faso. He cited insecurity linked to violent extremism, threats to health, political governance marked by corruption and power grabs and democratic backsliding. In addition to these, he also noted geostrategic threats such as Western and Asian foreign influence
, resource capture and disinformation.

Many challenges

During the academy, communications will be made by experts on the issue of violent extremism and on a certain number of policies implemented in Burkina Faso in order to allow academicians to benefit from the recommendations for integrate into their project, indicated Kevin Adomayakpor.

One of the communicators, Professor Martial Zongo, associate lecturer in public law at Thomas Sankara University, confided that he will give an inaugural lesson on the state of governance and development in Burkina. Faso. ‘It will be a question of taking stock of 64 years of existence of the country of Burkina Faso as an independent country also in terms of its political, economic and social governance,’ he said. Professor Zongo also confided that he will take inventory of the national programs tested by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. ‘There are many challenges at the political level, with regard to the agenda of returning to constitutional order. Today, this
is a goal set aside. However, it is an imperative,’ he said. The law professor noted that several studies show that there is a clear link between development and good governance. ‘When you look at the periods of exceptional and transitional regimes in Burkina Faso, these are periods during which we have not really progressed in terms of development,’ he was indignant.

Cheick Omar Yolé, a young independent worker from Fada N’Gourma, for his part, maintained that this youth academy is an opportunity. ‘It’s a chance for us to come and learn,’ he said. His project, called the Djiguiya center, he explained, is a school for management in entrepreneurship, leadership and development in the Eastern region. Emma Kibsa Korogho, second year master’s student in child protection and law, and participant in this academy, said she expected support from NDI in her project which aims to raise awareness among women and young people in democratic and civic engagement. .

Source: Burkina Information Agency

»We don’t run away. We do not back down, we do not give up’, President Traoré

Ouagadougou: The President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, affirmed Thursday that he and his ministers did not flee the council of ministers room, during a shooting incident on public television , as reported by ‘lying Western media’.

‘It’s absolutely not the case. We are here. The incident happened while we were in the council of ministers. If people had fled, there would have been no press briefing after the council. We must not listen to these individuals who seek to distract people. We don’t run away. We don’t back down, we don’t give up. They said what they wanted. Everyone understood that they are the enemies of the nation,’ said the President of Faso, during a visit to RTB.

Source: Burkina Information Agency