Banwa: Women from Balave offer a motorcycle and fuel to the VDP

Women from Balave offered a motorcycle and fuel to the Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP) of the municipality this Thursday, June 20 morning in front of the municipal authorities and representatives of the VDP at the town hall.

According to the spokesperson for the donors, Bodounou Konaté, it is an initiative of the women of Balave to support the VDP in securing the said commune.

‘We contributed among ourselves. Everyone gave what they had. And we decided to pay for a motorbike for our children and give them a little fuel,’ said donor spokesperson Bodounou Konaté.

According to Ms. Konaté, they were able to raise almost the sum of 700,000 FCFA. ‘It was our 100f, 500f or 1000f, which allowed us to make this donation,’ she added.

The key to the motorcycle and the fuel costs which amounted to 110,000 FCFA were given to the president of the special delegation (PDS) of Balave, Jules Kabore, who in turn gave them to the VDP.

‘It’s an initiative to encourage because if a woman decides to accompan
y you, you have to say that you have succeeded. And this gesture by women will galvanize our VDPs to succeed in their missions in the fight against terrorism,’ rejoiced the Balave PDS.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Shooting incident near RTB: the head of state gives details

‘It is those who are there to protect you who unfortunately caused the incident. This is as part of their succession; while wanting to check a certain number of things, unfortunately someone made it go away. Those who were nearby, as well as the one who fired it, were injured and taken to hospital today. Thank God, they left the hospital,’ indicated the Head of State to the RTB staff mobilized for the occasion.

And added: ‘unfortunately the rocket headed into the RTB Télé courtyard. We can give thanks to God because there was no loss of human life; but injured people taken care of by the infirmary of the Presidency of Faso. We have set up a team of psychologists to deal with post-traumatic stress for all staff.’

Captain Ibrahim TRAORE said he came ‘as a psychologist to try to cheer you up and tell you not to be afraid, because it is not deliberately done against you’.

The Head of State reassured that it is just an incident and that in the handling of weapons, these types of events can occur.

As a reminder
, following the shooting, Western media and activists announced the start of mutinies.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Banwa: The PDS launches the ‘Free Labour’ operation

The President of the Special Delegation (PDS) of Solenzo launched the ‘Free Labor’ operation on Thursday, June 20, 2024 in the morning, in front of the staff of the agricultural service, farmers and the active forces of the municipality of Solenzo.

As part of the presidential initiative for agricultural production for the 2023-2024 winter season for food sovereignty, the municipality of Solenzo benefited from a tractor in order to plow the fields and lowlands of the brave farmers free of charge.

According to the PDS of Solenzo, Abdoul Karim Diaby, this tractor will make it possible to plow the fields of cooperatives, vulnerable people and internally displaced people free of charge according to a certain number of criteria.

The tractor managed by a committee will serve the 29 villages and the 4 sectors that make up the commune of Solenzo.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The President of Faso is delighted to have ‘drowned’ activists in their lies

Ouagadougou: The President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré rejoiced Thursday at having ‘drowned’ activists in their web of lies who assured that the head of state had been carried away by a mutiny.

‘They said power is vacant. We wanted to let them continue until they drowned themselves. I think they have drowned now and all of Africa has understood that they are stateless people, enemies of the Nation,’ declared Thursday, the President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, during a visit to comfort on national television.

Since a shooting incident on June 12, 2024 between the presidency and national television, activists have led a campaign on social networks for several days, ensuring that the head of state had fled a mutiny and should soon be replaced, lack of consensus with the mutineers.

‘We are not running away. We don’t back down, we don’t give up. They said what they wanted. Everyone understood that they are the enemies of the Nation,’ he assured.

According to President Traoré, the shooting incident whi
ch caused some injuries and damage started from an error in handling a weapon during the relief of soldiers.

Regarding the discontent in the ranks of the army, President Traoré is categorical: ‘the mood swing is false’ before explaining that the General Staff did not want to communicate on this subject.

According to Ibrahim Traoré, it was the soldiers themselves who asked the hierarchy to communicate to allow them to work peacefully because their parents called them a lot.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Presidential election: Iranians living in Burkina Faso vote on June 28 in Ouagadougou

Ouagadougou: Iranians living in Burkina Faso are invited on June 28 to go to the Bois Zone, a district of Ouagadougou, to take part in their country’s presidential election, pitting six candidates against each other. .

‘The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ouagadougou invites all Iranians living and residing in Burkina Faso to please visit the embassy, ??located in Ouagadougou, Zone du Bois (…) to the east of Belemtiissé school, to take part in the vote,’ a source close to the embassy told the AIB this Thursday.

The Iranians will choose a new president from six candidates after the death of Ebrahim Raïssi on May 19, 2024, following a helicopter accident.

The candidates in the running are Massoud Pezeshkian, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, Saeed Jalili, Alirreza Zakani, Seyyed Amir Hossein Chazizadeh and Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf.

Iran is one of the strategic countries for Burkina Faso in its fight against terrorism and for its sovereignty. The President of Faso, Ibrahim Traoré expressed his sadness after t
he disappearance of Ebrahim Raïssi, sending his condolences to the ‘friendly and brotherly people of Iran’.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Media: The newspaper ‘L’Evènement’ suspended for 1 month by the CSC

Ouagadougou: The Higher Council of Communication suspended yesterday Wednesday, the newspaper ‘L’Evènement’ on all its publication media for a period of one month, for breaches in its article entitled ‘400 000,000 FCFA from the embezzled VDPs/Captain BOENA left with his testimony,’ the AIB learned on Thursday.

In a press release dated Wednesday June 19, 2024, the Burkinabè media regulator suspended the bimonthly newspaper ‘L’Evènement’ for breaches in its article ‘400,000,000 FCFA from the VDPs misappropriated/Captain BOENA left with his testimony’, published in n°519 of June 10, 2024

The CSC accuses the newspaper of making malicious insinuations without clear demonstration of the links between the 400,000,000 FCFA, the late captain Boena and the president of Faso, captain Ibrahim Traoré, on the one hand, and between the latter and the suspected captain , other hand.

Asked to explain the shortcomings noted on June 14, 2024 by ‘the media policeman’, the director of the newspaper did not recognize the said s
hortcomings by denouncing a poor reading on the part of CSC.

As a reminder, the French media TV5 monde Afrique was suspended on Tuesday June 18, 2024 for six months for failings in the processing of information relating to the security situation in Burkina Faso.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Sissili: The Ahmadiyya community plays its part in promoting social cohesion

The Ahamadiyya community of Léo offered on Tuesday June 18, 2024 at its headquarters, a dinner to local authorities and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to magnify social cohesion, good collaboration and living together .

The missionary of the Islamic Jama’at of Leo, Abdul Razzak greeted and thanked everyone for responding to their invitation.

‘This sharing meeting around a dinner aims to magnify social cohesion and good collaboration between all development stakeholders,’ he said.

According to Mr. Razzaq, this meeting of sharing and communion is part of the celebration of the Tabaski festival.

On behalf of the entire Ahmadiyya community of Léo, he encouraged the authorities for the work done to secure the territory and understanding between citizens.

Abdul Razzak reassured the administrative, religious and traditional authorities of his availability and that of his community to support them in all development actions in the province of Sissili.

He then paid vibrant tribute to the Defense and Security
Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP) who fight night and day for the return of peace and security.

He hoped that God would prevent all internal and external plots and that the enemies of the country would come to their senses.

The High Commissioner of Sissili, Tewindé Isaac Sia, praised this initiative, the objective of which is to promote social cohesion, understanding and living together.

Sia, on behalf of the entire population of the province, expressed his gratitude to the missionary Ahmadiyya for his contribution to peace and development.

The first official of the province hoped that this cohesion between the authorities, civil society and the Ahmaddiyya community would be consolidated and perpetuated to the great happiness of all.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: A converted terrorist calls on his ex-companions to lay down their arms

Ouagadougou: A former terrorist, Kadourou Boly known as Abdoul-Kalki (16 years old) calls on his ex-companions to lay down their arms so that Burkina Faso can find peace.

‘I am speaking to the terrorists, lay down your weapons. Let’s not destroy our country. I beg you, lay down your arms so that together we can cultivate peace,’ said young Kadourou Boly, known as Abdoul-Kalki.

Mr. Boly, a repentant terrorist, spoke to his former comrades in the 1 p.m. television news this Thursday on Radio Télédiffusion du Burkina (RTB).

Aged 16, the former informant and fighters of the so-called Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM), Kadourou Boly, indicated that the future does not lie in terrorism.

For this, he invited those who are still in the ranks of this group and many others to renounce it.

Because, he argued, terrorism constitutes hell for those who venture into it, despite your money or your weapons.

The convert called on the terrorists to become aware of the manipulation of which they are victims.

him, those who give them orders are safe and push them to die for ulterior causes.

‘Those who send you do not die in your place, your fate is hell. So, we must stop the barbarity and let’s build our country together,’ he suggested.

Kadourou Boly, known as Abdoul-Kalki, was captured by fighting forces since May 1 in the Center-East region as part of the fight against terrorism.

The arrest of this native of Kompienga followed exchanges of fire on the same day with FDS and VDP from Dialgaye in Kourittenga.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

The first Bac C class to win the university entrance ticket

The governor of the South-West region, Boureima Savadogo gave the start of the baccalaureate exams on Tuesday June 18, 2024 in the said region at the Gaoua municipal high school. In the South-West region, 3925 candidates in all series including 2239 boys and 1686 girls are taking part in this session.

Students in final year classes in the South-West region, like others in Burkina Faso, began the baccalaureate exams on Tuesday June 18, 2024. There are a total of 3,925 candidates, 3,925 candidates in all series combined. These candidates are made up of 2239 boys and 1686 girls to take part in this exam in the region. The Gaoua Municipal High School, one of the examination centers, served as the official launch of the tests in the South-West. The candidates are divided into 16 juries, namely 3 juries in Diébougou in Bougouriba, 3 juries in Dano and 3 in Disshin in Ioba, 1 jury in Batié in Noumbiel, 5 juries in Gaoua and 1 jury in Kampti.

The body constituted by the region, headed by the governor, Boureima Sava
dogo, toured the rooms to encourage and wish good luck to the candidates. It is the room housing the first candidates (36 in total) for Bac C in the region, all from Gaoua scientific high school, that the governor officially launched the exam with the French test. Before opening the first envelope, Boureima Savadogo encouraged the candidates in the different rooms visited and provided them with advice on usage. He invited the candidates to be more diligent and to stay away from cheating. ‘Rely on your own luck. Recently there have been some unfortunate cases. The South-West region usually produces very good results. The discrepancies must not taint the credibility of our results,’ he told the candidates. At the first promotion candidate for the Bac series C in the region, he said he hoped that his candidates would do 100%. Same story, the regional director of post-primary and secondary education in the South-West region, Michel Somé, who urged 100% for this first vintage of Bac C. Furthermore, his wish is to
see results in the first and second rounds beyond last year. For their part, Bac C candidates say they are ready to take up the challenge. ‘I am very confident to achieve a 100% success rate. I also trusted our promotion to honor the region,’ declared Sami Dabiré. Like Sami Dabiré, Eléonore Dabiré affirmed that despite the stress, the promotion has an honor to respect and a challenge to take on. She said she was confident of the success of the entire promotion.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina Faso/Literature: Baba Hama magnifies kinship in jest

Ouagadougou: The journalist and man of culture, Baba Hama, magnifies in his latest novel entitled ‘Light of Guinal’, joking kinship.

The latest literary work by the journalist and man of culture, Baba Hama, entitled ‘Lumière de Guinal’, has just been published by Editions L’Harmattan.

The novel which has not yet been signed tells an ‘epic story’ between a Fulani shepherd, a Yarga peddler and a blacksmith.

These three characters, culturally linked by joking kinship ties, will embark on the trail of a cow sought by the Fulani shepherd.

Lumière de Guinal’, is the writer’s 6th novel.

Baba Hama has 8 works published by Editions L’Harmattan including 6 novels, 1 collection of short stories and 1 story.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The province of Bazèga achieves a success rate of 85.46% in the CEP session 2024

The compilation of the results of the Certificate of Primary Studies (CEP) session 2024 in the province of Bazèga shows a general success rate of 85.46% for all 8 districts basic education.

After the start of the composition of the certificate of primary studies (CEP) session 2024 on June 4, the results are finally known in the province of Bazèga.

Out of a total of 7003 candidates who actually took part in this session and regularly enrolled in CM2 classes, 5985 were declared admitted, representing a general success rate of 85.46% including 85.11% girls.

For the provincial director of preschool, primary and non-formal education in Bazèga, Claude Ouédraogo, this feat is to the credit of all education stakeholders in the province.

‘I congratulate all the winners as well as all the actors who have done a titanic job during the school year,’ he added.

The results of the 8 basic education districts included in the Bazèga provincial directorate of primary and non-formal preschool education are as follows:

lougou 79.91%, Gaongo 93.56%, Ipelcé 98.74%, Kayao 86.52%, Kombissiri 1: 81.96%, Kombissiri 2: 89.82%, Saponé 81.33% and Toécé 85.63%.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Gourma/CEP 2024: The province of Gourma records 5,919 admissions

The province of Gourma recorded on Tuesday June 18, 2024, 5,919 admitted to the 2024 Primary Education Certificate (CEP) session, with a success rate of 81.72%.

Following the proclamations of the Certificate of Primary Studies (CEP) of 2024, the province of Gourma obtained 5,919 admissions including 3,141 girls and 2,778 boys, representing a success rate of 81.72%.

In a context marked by the security crisis, the province of Gourma presented 7,243 candidates including 3,886 girls and 3,357 boys for the 2024 CEP exam.

Source: Burkina Information Agency