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Boulgou/back to school: Students from Kiboulé A and B school in Bittou return to school under tents


The basic education district of Bittou installed tent classes in the Kiboulé A and B schools of Bittou on Wednesday September 4, 2023 under the presence of the 1st Vice-President of the special delegation of the commune of Bittou.

The ceremony for handing over school kits to the students of Kiboulé A and B in Bittou takes place on Wednesday September 4, 2023 within the premises of the said schools. It is preceded by the installation the day before of 2 tents provided by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

The ceremony was chaired by the 1st Vice-President of the delegation of the commune of Bittou, Mrs. Zampaligré/Kambone Awa, in the presence of the Brigade Commander of the territorial gendarmerie of Bittou, the Head of the basic education district of Bittou, teachers, parents and students from these 2 beneficiary schools.

The 1st Vice-President took the floor to express her joy at this donation from UNICEF which comes to relieve the town of Bittou.

She also invited teachers, parents and students to make good use of it.

She also translated her words of thanks to UNICEF, to the authorities in charge of education and to the administrative authorities of the Center-East region.

The 1st Vice-President of the special delegation hoped to see, in the coming days, the construction of a new building to replace the old building damaged by torrential rains in March 2023.

Source: Burkina Information Agency