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Burkina Faso/Literature: Baba Hama magnifies kinship in jest

Ouagadougou: The journalist and man of culture, Baba Hama, magnifies in his latest novel entitled ‘Light of Guinal’, joking kinship.

The latest literary work by the journalist and man of culture, Baba Hama, entitled ‘Lumière de Guinal’, has just been published by Editions L’Harmattan.

The novel which has not yet been signed tells an ‘epic story’ between a Fulani shepherd, a Yarga peddler and a blacksmith.

These three characters, culturally linked by joking kinship ties, will embark on the trail of a cow sought by the Fulani shepherd.

Lumière de Guinal’, is the writer’s 6th novel.

Baba Hama has 8 works published by Editions L’Harmattan including 6 novels, 1 collection of short stories and 1 story.

Source: Burkina Information Agency