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Burkina: Prime Minister hails Mali’s invaluable assistance in the fight against terrorism

Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem De Tambèla praised this Tuesday before the Transitional Parliament, in Ouagadougou, the invaluable help of Mali in the fight against terrorism.

“This is the place to salute the authorities of Mali who have been of invaluable help to us in the fight against terrorism”, declared, this Tuesday morning before the Transitional Parliament, in Ouagadougou, Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem de Tambela.

The head of government delivered this Tuesday morning his speech on the situation of the Nation before the Transitional Legislative Assembly (ALT).

According to him, “in the ordeal, the two armies (Burkinabe and Malian) have learned to coordinate their operations for greater efficiency”. “This experience has reinforced our conviction that taken in isolation, our small states are very fragile, especially in the face of the large groups that exist or are in the process of being formed,” he said.

For the head of government, Burkina and Mali have perceived their common destiny through the fight against terrorism. This is why he recommended “beyond simple cooperation between States, which depends on the moods of Heads of State and the regimes in place, (…) to dare to invent another future for posterity, by engaging in a process of federation with Mali and Guinea”.

On the subject, he recalled that “the oldest federation in the world, the Swiss Confederation, was formed following security problems”.

Similarly, he continued, “the United States of America came into existence when the thirteen states realized that, taken in isolation, they could not overcome the mighty English army.”

In his opinion, the United States understood that it is “by combining their efforts, (that) they could achieve their objectives. And so it was, thus giving birth to the United States of America”.

“We hear the sarcasms of small minds incapable of greatness, and of all those whose interest is not in the greatness of our peoples”, he regretted before telling the pessimists that “we are here to dare invent the future”.

“To be great, you have to have dreams of greatness. We invite our peoples to these dreams. We just have to show the way, and it will be up to the peoples to write their history,” he stressed.

The speech on the situation of the Nation is an exercise provided for by the Constitution of Burkina Faso which provides in its article 109 that: “The Prime Minister exposes directly to the deputies, the situation of the Nation (…). This presentation is followed by debates and does not give rise to any vote

Source: Burkina Information Agency