“Burkina’s salvation lies in the diversification of partnerships” Prime Minister Kyélem

Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Kyelem estimated this Tuesday morning before the Transitional Parliament that the salvation of Burkina in its fight against terrorism lies in the diversification of partnerships, particularly with countries such as Russia, North Korea and Iran.

“For our part, we very quickly understood that the salvation of the country lies in the diversification of partnerships. We understood that we had to go, if necessary, beyond the horizon, to explore new avenues, not only for the survival of the country, but also for the emancipation of our populations, “said this Tuesday morning. Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem De Tambèla.

The head of government was speaking during his speech on the situation of the Nation before the Transitional Legislative Assembly.

Me Kyélem de Tambèla explained that the desire to diversify partnerships has led to the strengthening of relations with Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela.

“Discussions are continuing with other countries. We need to have a diplomacy that is both realistic and conquering,” he added.

The head of government expressed his gratitude to the authorities of the Russian Federation who “reserved a warm welcome for us during our visit to Moscow”, to the People’s Republic of China for “its commitment by our side in these difficult times” and to the Türkiye who “spares no effort to support us

Source: Burkina Information Agency