Fragmentation and sale of spaces in Bobo-Dioulasso: The PDS warns real estate developers

The President of the special delegation of the municipality of Bobo-Dioulasso, Laurent Kontogom, met on Tuesday February 20, 2024 in Bobo-Dioulasso, the actors of the real estate development of the city of Sya. The discussions focused on poor real estate practices observed in the field.

Actors in real estate development in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso were in front of the President of the special municipal delegation (PDS), Lorent Kontogom, on Tuesday February 20, 2024.

It was during a meeting requested by the PDS on the issue of real estate development in the town of Sya.

Listening to Lorent Kontogom, the meeting was held after an observation of ‘bad’ practices coming from certain real estate developers and individuals.

‘We have observed that there are real estate agencies and certain individuals who have property rights over certain lands, who are engaged in dividing up and selling these spaces,’ he said.

The consequence, according to the PDS, is the proliferation of new spontaneous habitats which could
compromise the current momentum of land clearance.

‘Our fear is that these activities will create spontaneous habitats as far as the eye can see, to the point that we can no longer have enough space to develop and settle land liabilities,’ declared the first head of the special delegation. municipal of the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.

These land development activities, with regard to the new law 008-2023/ALT on real estate development in Burkina Faso, are illegal.

‘The new law having come into force, the approvals are no longer in force,’ said Laurent Kontogom.

‘This meeting aims to raise awareness among the unscrupulous. But if the practices persist, the municipality will use the strong method. Furthermore, we will make arrangements with the public forces to restore these spaces to their current state, remove the boundary markers, and possibly any constructions that may be there,’ said Mr. Kontogom.

On occasion, real estate developers have expressed some concerns to the PDS, among others, the reluctance of t
he population to buy houses in real estate structures, the presence of bad apples in the sector and the need for sanitation in the sector.

‘We have drawn the attention of the authority to the presence among us of bad apples,’ confided the president of the Association of Real Estate Developers of Hauts-Bassins, Éric Kientéga.

On the sidelines of the meeting, it was announced that the National Planning and Building Control Office will soon open its branch in Bobo-Dioulasso.

It specifically aims to control all forms of urban development and construction carried out.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Development actors work together to implement sectoral policies

The Minister of State, Minister in charge of Tourism, Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, chaired, on Thursday, the 2023 annual review of the Sectoral Dialogue Framework: ‘culture, tourism, sports and leisure (CSD-CTSL) », for monitoring, evaluation and guidance of the implementation of sectoral policies.

According to the Minister in charge of Tourism, Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, the annual review of the Sectoral Framework for Dialogue ‘Culture, Tourism, Sports and Leisure (CSD-CTSL)’ constitutes a system for monitoring the implementation of the national policy. of development.

For him, it is a very important planning sector in the progress of Burkina Faso and in the objectives of the Transition.

The Minister of State specified that the meeting will make it possible to take stock with the technicians and technical and financial partners of the ministerial departments concerned by this planning sector and to be able to plan for future actions until 2026.

Minister Ouédraogo spoke Thursday in Ouagadougou
, on the annual review of the sectoral dialogue framework ‘Culture, tourism, sports and leisure’.

‘The establishment of the CSD is operationalized through the implementation of sectoral action plans for the Transition and makes it possible to measure the contribution of the sectors concerned to the achievement of the objectives of the national policy,’ he said. noted.

He explained that the action plan of the planning sector is based on pillar 3 of the Transition, entitled ‘Rebuilding the State and improving governance’.

The first head of the department in charge of Tourism added that this sector contributes to the achievement of strategic objective 4.2, namely ‘Develop a competitive industrial and artisanal sector, with high added value and creator of decent jobs’.

According to him, actions are defined such as the operationalization of the national culture and tourism strategy, the improvement of the offer and the quality of sports infrastructures, the practice of high-level sport and the revitalization o
f the practice of physical and leisure activities.

‘This session will allow us to examine and validate the 2023 annual performance report as well as the Action Plan for the stabilization and development of our planning sector,’ continued the Minister of State.

Mr. Ouédraogo assured that the planning sector which brings together the Ministry of Sports, National Education and Higher Education are strategic sectors.

‘We have the ambition to make a lasting mark on the history of our Burkina, through ambitious reforms but also through bold actions, to project ourselves and see to what extent we can mobilize so that the objectives that we have set ourselves are truly achieved. let’s fix it,’ he argued.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Seychelles’ President to attend Saudi-Africa Summit

The President of the Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan, will attend the first Saudi-Africa Summit that will take place on November 10, State House said on Wednesday.

According to State House, Ramkalawan will attend the summit at the invitation of the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

Seychelles and Saudi Arabia have enjoyed diplomatic and fraternal relations for 23 years and the island nation has received several assistance under the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).

Recently, a 33kV electricity transmission network worth $30.9 million funded by the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) and the Arab Bank of Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) was inaugurated.

Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, and the Saudi Fund for Development have signed an agreement for a loan to fund a project of 172 housing units and the reconstruction of La Digue school.

In all, the total funding for the two projects adds up to $25 million, with $15 million going towards the housing projects and the remaining $10 million will be for the La Digue school project.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Somali-American woman elected as mayor of Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

Nadiya Abdirizaq Mohamed, a Somali-American woman, made history by becoming the first elected mayor of Saint Louis Park, a city in the state of Minnesota. She defeated her opponent, Dale Anderson, a professor at the University of Minnesota, with more than 58% of the votes.

Nadiya Abdirizaq is also the first Muslim, Somali, and Black person to hold the mayoral position in the city, which has a population of about 49,000 people. She said that she was inspired by her parents, who immigrated to the United States from Somalia in the 1990s and worked hard to provide for their family.

As the mayor, Nadiya Abdirizaq said that she will focus on addressing the issues of affordable housing, youth empowerment, and racial equity in the city. She also said that she hopes to be a role model for other young people, especially girls and women, from marginalized communities.

Nadiya Abdirizaq is not the first Somali woman to become a mayor in the United States, but she is the first one to be elected by the people. In 2012, Deeqa Dhalac was appointed as the mayor of South Portland, a city in the state of Maine, by the local council. However, Nadiya Abdirizaq’s victory is an exceptional achievement that reflects the growing diversity and representation of Somali-Americans in the political sphere.

Source: Somali National News Agency

Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

Mogadishu, Wednesday, 8th November, 2023

1- The Speaker of the Somali People’s Assembly, Mr. Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur (Madobe) and the Speaker of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Mr. Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, called for assistance to the people affected by the floods.

2- The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Hamsa Abdi Barre, visited the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, to observe the smooth functioning of the government branches.

3- The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, has announced a state of emergency for the relief of the Somali people who have suffered from the El Niño floods in the country, which have so far killed about 10 people.

4- The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, has held a meeting with some Somali businessmen to discuss ways of dealing with the relief efforts of the floods that hit the country.

5- The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama has opened a consultation meeting in Mogadishu on the structure of the national security, especially the police department.

6- The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, chaired a meeting to discuss the government’s preparations for the COP-28 international conference on climate change, which will take place in the United Arab Emirates.

7- Jubba river has flooded some districts of Gedo region such as Dolow, Bardhere, Luuq and Burdhubo.

8- Heavy rains in Baidoa have caused massive displacement.

9- The National Disaster Management Agency has announced that it is sending the first aid to Gedo region which has been heavily affected by the rains and floods.

10- The Minister of Fisheries and Blue Economy of Somalia Mr. Ahmed Hassan Adan received the Charge D-Affair of the Norwegian Embassy to Somalia Carsten Carlesen, where they discussed the strengthening of relations and cooperation between the two countries.

11- The Darwish Police and National Security forces carried out a security operation in Adale District in the Middle Shabelle Region.

12- The 21st Division of the Armed Forces with the help of local residents and Galmudug Dervishes has taken over Barag Mohamed Daoud area which is 16 km away from Dabagalo area in Mudug region.

13- The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has arrested 28 members, 25 of whom wanted to join the Khawarij Al Shabab.

14- The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Somalia has launched a workshop in Mogadishu on the effective leadership of the senior leadership of Somalia’s justice and judicial institutions.

15- The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Daud Aweis Jama, has attended the World Tourism Council Summit in Rwanda where he highlighted Somalia’s efforts to revive its tourism industry effectively.

16- Somalia’s Minister of State for Security, Mohamed Ali Hagaa, has opened a consultation meeting on the regulations of the immigration agency in Mogadishu.

17- The Ministry of Interior, Federal and Reconciliation of Somalia has opened the Meeting of the Completion of the National Reconciliation Process in Mogadishu.

18- The Somali National Army has carried out military operations in War-wiin, War-dhato Elahaley and Moorigaabey areas of Bakool region.

19- Officials from the Federal Government of Somalia participated in an event to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the founding of the Union of the Republic of Italy which was held in Mogadishu.

20- The Hajj service competition committee has released the criteria for the Hajj service providing companies for the coming year.

21- The national armed forces thwarted a suicide bomber who wanted to detonate himself in a restaurant full of people in Hawlwadaag District of Banadir Region.

22- The Armed Forces Court handed down different sentences to a former senior military official Shegow Ahmed Ali and his militiamen.

Source: Somali National News Agency

Somali Deputy PM visits disaster management center amid floods crisis

The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Salah Ahmed Jama, and some members of the Somali Parliament paid a visit to the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) of the disaster management agency on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

The NEOC center is the hub of the relief operations for the people affected by the floods and heavy rains that have hit various regions of the country in the past weeks. The chairman of the disaster management agency, Mahamuud Moallim Abdulle, welcomed the delegation and gave them an overview of the ongoing efforts to assist the victims.

Salah toured the different sections of the NEOC center, where he met with the officers of the SoDMA who are working around the clock to coordinate the response. He also received the latest updates from the directorate of the NEOC center on the impact of the floods and the needs of the affected communities.

The situation is worsening and many people are in need of assistance. The floods have displaced thousands of people, destroyed crops and infrastructure, and increased the risk of waterborne diseases. The most affected areas are Gedo, Bakool, Bay and other regions of the country.

The SoDMA organization has prepared five boats that will be part of the relief efforts for the people affected by the floods. These boats will be delivered to the most vulnerable areas that are inundated by water and are inaccessible by road.

Salah expressed his appreciation for the work of the SoDMA and the NEOC center, and praised their professionalism and dedication. He also appealed to the Somali community, especially the businessmen, to support their fellow Somalis who are suffering in this crisis. He said that this is a time when aircraft traders are greatly needed and they should participate in this rescue.

He urged the Somali people to stand together and help each other in this difficult time. He said that the government is committed to providing all the necessary support to the SoDMA and the NEOC center, and to ensuring that the relief reaches the people in need.

Source: Somali National News Agency

Seychelles set to reduce excise tax for hybrids to encourage eco-friendly purchases

The price of buying a new hybrid car in Seychelles will be reduced next year following tax changes announced by the government for 2024.

The changes for the excise tax and the application of an environmental levy were announced during the 2024 budget address made by finance minister Naadir Hassan on November 3, with the main change made for hybrid vehicles and also twin cab pick-up trucks.

In a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the principal secretary for trade, Francis Lebon, explained that the changes that have been announced will encourage more people to buy hybrid vehicles, which is better for the environment.

“We want to switch the behaviour of people to buying more fuel-efficient cars, with less impact on the environment,” said Lebon.

According to the Department of Trade, the changes will see hybrid vehicles with a battery capacity of 200 V or more, to be classified as a full hybrid, where the excise tax and environment levy will be reduced.

That means, full hybrid vehicles with an engine capacity of less than 1600cc will have the excise tax for importation reduced from 12.5 percent to 10 percent, with no environmental levy, while those between 1600cc to 2000cc, will have an excise tax of 50 percent compared to the actual 75 percent, with the environmental levy going down to SCR50,000 ($3,755) from SCR100,000 ($7,511).

“For those over 2000cc but not more that 2500cc, they will see their excise tax reduced from 100 percent to 75 percent, with their environmental levy going down to R75,000 ($5,695) from R175,000 ($13,290),” explained senior trade officer, Angelique Adeline.

For those vehicles over 2500cc, they will see their excise tax reduced from 100 percent to 75 percent, with an environmental levy of SCR100,000 ($7,511), down from SCR175,000 ($13,290).

“This means that other hybrid vehicles that have a battery capacity lower than 200v, will see their excise tax and levy the main,” continued Adeline, who also explained that for plug-in hybrid vehicles, they will all have a percentage reduction of 5 percent on excise tax, with no environment levy.

Twin cab pick-up trucks

Other changes announced were with regards to twin cab pick-up trucks, whose prices are typically much higher than other trucks.

Lebon explained that with many small and medium contractors using such vehicles, the department realised they were far too expensive when taxes and levies were added.

It was explained that the excise tax that is currently 50 percent to 100 percent based on engine capacity of the truck, will now be reduced to 40 percent across all engine capacities, with the environmental levy, which was between SCR70,000 ($5,338) to SCR175,000 ($13,290), will also now be fixed at SCR40,000 ($3,050), regardless of engine capacity.

“With these changes on twin cabs, we now expect such a vehicle that was being sold for SCR1.3 million ($99,145), will now be available for as little as SCR860,000 ($65,588),” added Adeline during the press conference.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Seychelles National Assembly leaders respond to proposed 2024 budget

The two leaders in the Seychelles National Assembly on Wednesday responded to the 2024 budget presented by the Minister of Finance, Naadir Hassan, to the parliamentarians last week.

Hassan is seeking the approval of the National Assembly for a proposed budget of SCR10.6 billion ($731 million) for 2024, an increase of 1 percent on the budget of 2023.

In his response, the Leader of the Opposition, Sebastien Pillay, said that the budget presented does not meet the expectations, and if the efficiency of the government is measured by this budget, Seychelles is in “big trouble”.

“Our tourism industry is suffering and the number of cancellation that hotels are getting keep increasing. The fishing industry is still where it was, so where is the economy that the minister said is doing very well?” he added.

Pillay said the government should have used the opportunity that this budget presented to address the inequalities and failures that the Seyhcellois people are facing.

“Instead, what we saw is another budget full of big numbers that we don’t believe that in reality will address the problems that our people are facing,” he added.

Pillay said that in 2024, the government is seeking 10.64 billion and expects to collect 9.1 billion in taxes but in the same instance the minister said that the situation in the world is not too good.

“The conflict in the Middle East will affect tourism, especially from Israel and Europe, so our principal markets will be affected. How will we collect the revenue if you are projecting a downturn in the economy? So the question is where the money will be taken from?” he asked.

Pillay said he hopes that with the budget that it is being given, the Ministry of Employment will make more effort to look into the welfare of the workers.

“The Minister did not mention a group that is very important and is a vulnerable group in society today and this is the elderly. I was expecting them to propose an increase in the social security in view of the fact that there has been a 10 percent increase for other workers,” he added.

The Leader of the Opposition said that health and education are two sectors getting the biggest amount in the budget but there is no mention of the changes in the schemes of service for workers.

He said the main problem with the budget is that more money is being put in infrastructure than in human resources.

Pillay also cautioned the government on the agreement with the European Union to use the Marie-Louise Island prison for high-risk prisoners caught by EU Atalanta forces as this could have repercussions on the tourism industry.

On his side, the Leader of Government Business, Bernard Georges, said that the budget “has allowed us to look back and see what has been accomplished and take stock of where we are and to analyse what has been done and what remains to be done in the next two years.”

Georges said the budget focused on “creating more wealth in such a way that we can have more money to manage the country and share with the population, recognise our vulnerability and build up our resilience to external and internal shocks and improve infrastructures in our country, and support the social regime of the country so that no one is left behind.”

He said that the budget ensures that all segments of the population are absorbed and that the budget has something for each person.

Georges said that as a country, Seychelles has many attractions but also challenges, and that “we are a beautiful country and this allows us to have a performing tourism industry as the first pillar of our economy.”

He also talked about the Seychelles’ vast maritime territory “with a high amount of tuna, one of the highest stocks in the world. Our country gets many benefits through this industry.”

Georges said the budget focuses on that but also on the island nation’s vulnerabilities.

“We are a small country and do not have enough land for housing and industries. We are far from the rest of the world and whatever we need costs to bring into the country. So each external shock, COVID, conflict in Ukraine or Israel has a direct impact on us,” he said.

He said that, nevertheless, the only objective of the government is to improve the lives of every Seychellois, especially the more vulnerable ones who need the government’s support.

“The budget has something for everyone from the newborn to those who have retired,” said Georges.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Russian and Burkinabe defense ministers held a discussion

MOSCOW, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu meets with his Burkinabe counterpart Kassoum Coulibaly.

The meeting focused on the issues of bilateral military cooperation, the parties agreed to strengthen their ties in this area, Russian Defense said on its Telegram channel.

Sergei Shoigu reported a positive dynamic in the partnership between Moscow and Ouagadougou, maintaining that the relations of the two countries are based on the principles of mutual respect and consideration of each other’s interests.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

4th ordinary session of the special municipal delegation of Zorgho: The preliminary draft budget

Zorgho,The special municipal delegation of Zorgho opened its fourth ordinary session of the year 2023 on Monday, November 6. Under the chairmanship of Valentin Badolo, the members of the special delegation examined several points on the agenda including the vote on the preliminary draft budget, management for 2024.

Gathered in the meeting room of the town hall of Zorgho for the fourth ordinary session of the year 2023, the members of the special delegation of the commune of Zorgho examined and unanimously voted on the preliminary draft of the initial management budget. 2024. This budget is balanced in revenue and expenditure at the sum of 346 million 850 thousand 722 CFA francs including 287 million 680 thousand 767 CFA francs for the operating section and 96 million 222 thousand 013 CFA francs for the investment section.

They also took deliberations setting taxes relating to the storage of aggregates intended for sale, scavenging and the slaughter of animals.

Thus, from January 1, 2024, holders of aggregate deposits intended for sale in the commune of Zorgho will have to pay an annual tax of 10 thousand CFA francs per deposit. For the straying of animals, a tax ranging from 2500 to 6000 depending on the category of animals will be collected per head of animal taken without forgetting the impound taxes, and the impound tourist tax. Concerning the slaughter of animals, a tax ranging from 100 f to 250 f will be collected per head depending on the type of animal slaughtered (cattle, goat, pig, etc.).

The members of the special delegation, through a final deliberation, authorized the signing of a public-private partnership agreement for the rehabilitation of the Zorgho bus station.

The reading, amendment and adoption of the minutes of the third ordinary session held on September 20 and 21, 2023, the presentation of the report of the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee, the presentation of the authorizing officer’s report and the account completed missions were the other highlights of this session.

The president of the special delegation (PDS), Valentin Badolo thanked all the members for their attendance. He welcomed the presence of representatives of technical services and their contribution to understanding certain subjects. He welcomed the frankness of the debates and invited all members to be actively involved in the mobilization of financial resources.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Léraba: The population of Sindou appreciates the day decreed for the minute of silence in honor of the martyrs

Sindou, The High Commissioner of the province of Léraba, Mahamadi Congo, as well as the representatives of the active forces of the province of Léraba, the military and paramilitary authorities, the constituted bodies, observed, on Tuesday 31 October 2023 , a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the martyrs of the 2014 insurrection and the 2015 coup d’état.

In order to fulfill their duty of citizenship, to show their attachment to respecting the values of our country, the daughters and sons of the province met on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at the Léraba High Commission, to pay tribute to the martyrs of the 2014 insurrection and the 2015 coup d’état.

Knowing that this day is decreed by the state for the cause of martyrs as mentioned above, Sindou, like the entire territory of the country, actually observed the minute of silence.

It must be said that the participants, like those in the town of Sindou, really appreciated this decreed day, to its true value.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: A sub-regional organization wants to implement agroecology in West Africa

Ouagadougou, – The Global Convergence of Struggles for Land and Water West Africa (CGLTE-OA), indicated Thursday that the 4th edition of its caravan will be held from November 6 to December 1 in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso, with more than 300 participants from 16 countries, with a view to implementing agroecology in member countries.

According to the focal point of the Global Convergence of Struggles for West African Land and Water (CGLTE-OA) in Burkina, Alassane Nakandé, the 4th edition of his organization’s caravan takes place from November 6 to December 1, 2023 in Bobo-Dioulasso under the theme: “Climate change, one of the environmental, agricultural and economic challenges in Africa”.

Mr. Nakandé specified that the launch of the said caravan scheduled for November 6 and 7, 2023 in the town of Sya, with the participation of more than 300 participants from 16 countries, aims to promote agroecology in South Africa. ‘West.

The focal point of the CGLTE-OA, also director of the African Movement for Environmental Rights in the Eastern Region (MADEE), was Thursday in front of the press in Ouagadougou, as a prelude to the organization of the 4th edition of the caravan, focused on defending the rights of communities.

According to him, the Bobo-Dioulasso meeting will be punctuated by a series of communications on the climate, agroecology, advocacy meetings with administrative, customary and religious authorities.

He also stressed that the caravan will be enhanced by an agroecological products fair and a parade.

“It will continue in Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal and end in Mauritania,” he maintained.

Alassane Nakandé explained that the theme will allow its structure to strengthen the dynamics of raising community awareness of the climate and to share experiences on climate resilience alternatives.

He indicated that it will be a question of questioning the authorities on their commitments concerning the climate in the villages and towns of the participating countries.

“The overall objective of this caravan is to contribute to social transformation in West Africa, in particular through the improvement of policies and legislative texts currently being ratified, among others, on land, water, peasant seeds, pastoralism and fishing,” he added.

According to Mr. Nakandé, this awareness raising of populations on the need for the fight, the strengthening of the synergy of actions of organizations and movements at the level of each country, aims to improve the involvement of women and young people in local land governance . .

Established in 2016, the CGLTE-OA caravan is in its 4th edition and brings together the 15 ECOWAS member countries plus Mauritania.

Source: Burkina Information Agency