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Council of Ministers and bilateral cooperation make the headlines this Friday


Ouagadougou: This Friday’s publications highlight bilateral cooperation between Burkina Faso and China and then the council of ministers.

‘Council of Ministers: report of the work of Thursday April 11, 2024’, displays the state daily Sidwaya on its headline.

The newspaper reports that the Council adopted a decree creating a military penitentiary establishment in Ouagadougou.

Which makes the private daily Le Pays say that ‘the adoption of this decree allows military justice, through the Military Tribunal, to comply with the standards of penitentiary establishments and the requirements prescribed by the various jurisdictional authorities’.

The public daily still reporting the deliberations of the Council of Ministers, mentions the ‘Relaunch of the organization of the Night of the Lompolo, the 4th edition of which is scheduled for November 15, 2024 in Ouagadougou’.

He continued that the relaunch of the ‘Night of the Lompolo’ is a recognition of the State to the efforts made by the actors of an important par
t of culture.

The private daily Le Pays, for its part, mentions on its front page, according to the report of the Council of Ministers, ‘Former minister Boukaré Zoungrana appointed ambassador to Chad’.

The dean of private daily newspapers, the Paalga Observer on his headline, still dealing with the Council of Ministers, informs that Hermann Ilboudo is the new CEO of BUMIGEB.

In another register, the private newspaper Le Pays writes in its columns ‘Bilateral cooperation: Burkinabè journalists discovering China’.

The private daily reporting the remarks of the deputy director of the International Study and Training Center of the International Communication Group of China Han Liqiang explains that “the presence of the Burkinabè delegation in China responds to the desire of the Chinese authorities to strengthen communication and mutual trust, and to deepen the friendship between the two countries.’

The colleague continues that the book on the governance of China, volume IV was offered to each participant.

the same vein, Sidwaya indicates that ‘the new political trajectory of Burkina, since the arrival of the President of the Transition, is favorable to the diversification of partnerships’.

He adds that during the journalists’ stay, they will visit the Hunan radio and television station, a southern and mountainous province of China.

Source: Burkina Information Agency