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Gourma: The regional coordination of the patriotic citizen watch of the East denounces the manipulations against the Transition


The regional coordination of the patriotic citizen watch of the East organized a press conference to denounce the manipulations aimed at derailing the Transition on the path to territorial reconquest.

The secretary general of the citizen watch of Fada N’Gourma, Moumouni Yougbaré, underlined the achievements made in a period of time by the power of Captain Ibrahim Traoré for the happiness of the Burkinabè. Thus, in view of the commitment of these leaders to bring our country out of the abyss into which it has been plunged for several years because of bad governance, the regional coordination of the patriotic citizen watch of the East, through this conference of press, want to prove that those who are against the people are seriously mistaken.

Citizen watch has condemned with the utmost energy the reception and accommodation in a neighboring country of children from Burkina Faso, with a view to destabilizing the motherland. Media people want to know what citizen monitoring is doing at the local level to supp
ort the efforts of the President of Faso in his policies. To this concern of journalists, Mr. Yougbaré declared that the day before Fada N’Gourma was the first to have mobilized 500 thousand francs for the peace effort.

She also offered food and clothing worth one million to widows and orphans of the auxiliary security forces (VDP) from their own contributions in the run-up to the major holidays.

He added that they donated 40 blood bags for the injured fighters. ‘Wayyignans don’t just sit at roundabouts. We are present in various sectors to unmask the enemies of the people, said Mr. Yougbaré.

Regarding what citizen monitoring does when areas with strong security challenges issue cries of distress, Mr. Yougbaré specified that during these moments, they do not sleep and work discreetly to find adequate solutions.

Source: Burkina Information Agency