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Kénédougou: A community day organized to promote peace and living together


Orodara: The Toussian communities of Kénédougou, Houet and Comoé, organized a community day, Saturday February 24, 2024 in Kourinion, for the promotion of peace and social cohesion, in the presence of administrative authorities, local, customary, religious and other communities from elsewhere.

It is with the objective of allowing all communities living in Toussian country to come together to commune on peace, social cohesion and living together that a community day was organized.

The event took place on Saturday February 24, 2024 in Kourinion in the Cascades region, under the patronage of the head of the canton of Guéna, His Majesty Bendjatin.

Emphasis was also placed on joker relationships, recognized by all participants as an essential lever for promoting peace and social cohesion.

For the cantonal chiefs of Guéna, Karaborola and the Peuls, this ceremony is of capital importance.

According to them, magnifying the desire of communities to coexist peacefully through a community day makes it possible to s
trengthen ethnic social ties and contribute to the construction of a cultural shield against the disintegration of social cohesion.

The High Commissioner of the Kénédougou province, Saïdou Sakira, invited the daughters and sons of the different communities living in Toussian country, to adopt resilient behavior, to be good citizens who have love for their homeland

Source: Burkina Information Agency