Kénédougou: May 15 celebrated under the sign of peace and social cohesion

Like other localities in the country, the city of Orodara commemorated Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the national day of customs and traditions under the sign of peace and social cohesion, in the presence customary and administrative authorities.

In Orodara, capital of the province of Kénédougou, the commemorative activities of the day of customs and traditions began first in the grounds of the palace of the canton chief and continued in the courtyard of the village chief through a visit to the tomb of the Patriarch of Orodara Sidiki Traoré, libations and a communication on the origin of the Siamou people.

On both sites, the guarantors of the tradition of the orchard city under the leadership of the canton chief, His Majesty Brahima Traoré and the village chief, Massa Traoré, invoked the manes of the ancestors for a return to peace in Burkina Faso and hoped for generous and soothing rains for the populations of Kénédougou.

The High Commissioner of the province of Kénédougou, Saïdou Sakira, invited these tradit
ional leaders to also pray for security, social cohesion and living together between the different communities existing in the province of Kénédougou.

He invited everyone to return to traditional sources, the basis of our cultural identity.

Source: Burkina Information Agency