Kinshasa: invention of a smart trash can to fight against unsanitary conditions

A smart trash can called “ODIA” which alerts its saturation using flashing indicator lights, was invented by students of the University of Kinshasa, to fight against unsanitary conditions in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the ACP learned on Tuesday from an administrative source.

“We, students of the Faculty of Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN), given the level of unsanitary conditions experienced by the population, especially in large cities, decided to carry out research which has resulted in the invention of this intelligent trash can,” said Armand Omatuku Difumba, one of the student designers of the machine.

And added: “This initiative aims not only to rid the city of Kinshasa of its thousands of tons of waste, but also to create jobs for young Congolese, through the establishment of companies specializing in the collection and processing of waste. “.

The machine, he continued, is powered by a solar PV electric hybrid system which can be operated with the help of a battery in the event of a power outage. It has a sensor system inside. As soon as the bin is full, it alerts using the flashing indicator lights which are right in front of the bin.

And to continue: “Odia is equipped with a sound device, which, thanks to a presence sensor, gives instructions to its user on the pocket where the waste should be thrown away according to its nature.

It opens and closes automatically thanks to presence sensors. Its capacity is 750 dm³. It is divided into two compartments, one is intended for paper waste and the other for plastic waste. Which makes 375 dm³ per bag. Once 95% full, the bin emits an indicator light and blocks the relevant opening at 100% to prevent waste from overflowing.

“This bin has modern technology which makes the task of evacuation teams easier, and we are working towards equipping it with a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) system in order to alert remotely and “garbage collector on the filling rate,” he said.

“So far we are in the experimental phase and the trash can work very well. Our vision with this initiative is to make trash bins available to the population in professional environments such as state institutions, hospitals, airports and universities, to reduce the unemployment rate by creating a waste disposal and treatment system. waste,” added Mr. Omatuku Difumba.

The “ODIA” smart trash can be launched on September 1 , 2022 with the aim of ridding the city of Kinshasa of its waste, the management of which constitutes one of the main causes of disease and pollution for the population of the Congolese capital estimated at more than 17 million inhabitants.

Source: Burkina Information Agency