Kourittenga: The basic education district of Yargo closes its cultural and sporting activities Koupéla

The closing of the sports and cultural activities of the Basic Education District (CEB) of Yargo, took place on Thursday, May 16, 2024, under the presidency of the President of the Special Delegation of the municipality of Yargo , Achille Kambou.

Placed under the theme: “school today: sport and culture as an alternative for resilience and social cohesion”, the Basic Education District (CEB) of Yargo, closed its sporting activities, on Thursday May 16, 2024.

The final pitted Balgo ”A” and Silmiougou-Yarcé schools against each other.

The ceremony was attended by established bodies and administrative and customary authorities.

The two teams separated with a draw in the first part of the game.

As soon as the second half resumed, the Silmiougou-Yarcé team changed the situation and managed to gain the upper hand on a free kick from Loukman Kouraogo bib 3, which forced the opposing defender to score against his side.

Balgo ”A” replies but alas! she is unable to deceive the vigilance of the doorkeeper of t
he opposing camp.

The goal having given energy to the Silmiougou-Yarcé players, they dominated the match.

The second goal came in the thirty-fifth minute of play thanks to Assane Silga, also captain of the team.

It was with this score that the referee ended the game, allowing Silmiougou-Yarcé to win his very first final.

‘I congratulate the students for their self-sacrifice. They respected the instructions we gave them and it paid off. It’s our first time playing in a final and we won. It’s really a joy that drives me,’ rejoiced the supervisor of the Silmiougou-Yarcé team, Thomas Wanré.

The one from the losing team Balgo ”A”, Arnaud Sandwidi, indicated that fear was the factor in their failure.

‘The children, it’s their first time in front of a large audience like this. So it must be said that there is stress and fear and on top of that the rain has been added. All this demotivated the players even if the opponent was strong. Otherwise they played a great game. But we must recognize that it is the law
of football. You either win or you lose,’ he argued.

According to the sponsor of the ceremony, Vincent de Paul Yaméogo, ‘Today, we saw the great mobilization around the event. This means that it is an activity that affects everyone who is celebrating. We really don’t regret having sponsored him. We would even like to do more.’

The Head of the Basic Education District (CCEB), Boukaré Wobgo, called on his collaborators to give more of themselves for a better education of children.

‘My joy is very great and therefore total satisfaction. I express my deep gratitude to all the actors, sponsors, authorities and many other anonymous people,’ added Mr. Wobgo.

The CCEB also asked that the entire educational body of Yargo join hands in order to meet the challenge of education.

At the end of this final, certificates of recognition were given to certain personalities for their dedication and special prizes to the winning participants in the different sporting disciplines.

The losing team received a set of jerseys,
a ball and an envelope of 30,000 CFA francs.

The victorious one left with an envelope of 40,000 CFA francs, the trophy, in addition to the jersey set and the ball.

Source: Burkina Information Agency