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Kourweogo: Rise of colors respected


Boussé, (AIB)-The High Commissioner of the Kourweogo province, Siaka Barro, chaired, on November 7, 2023 at the Dimdolobsom provincial high school in Boussé, the ceremony of honoring the national flag. Students, administrative authorities, heads of civil society organizations and teaching staff were present at this monthly ritual.

After the raising of the colors ceremonial, High Commissioner Siaka Barro addressed the audience to remind the audience of the importance of this activity.

He noted that the honor paid to the national colors is a privileged moment which allows citizens to symbolically reaffirm their attachment to their homeland.

“This love for the motherland implies, he said, respect for the institutions of the republic, its laws and these symbols by all components of society,” he indicated.

For him, the security crisis our country is experiencing serves as a reminder of how unity creates strength.

“It therefore calls on us to each make our share of contribution to the work of consolidating national resilience and for the reconquest of territorial integrity,” added the High Commissioner.

The first official of the province invited the students present to be relays for raising awareness among their peers so that everyone makes respect for civic values and citizenship a daily way of life.

Siaka Baro encouraged the teachers for their commitment and all the sacrifices made in the training of those who will be responsible tomorrow for holding high the torch of unity and prosperity for the Burkinabè nation.

The bodies have arranged to meet next month at the Center A school in Boussé.

Source: Burkina Information Agency