Load shedding at the CMA of Kongoussi: Officials call for help

Faced with prolonged load shedding, officials of the Kongoussi Health District asked on May 16, 2024, from resource people, technical and financial partners and local communities of Bam, support to operate the generator of the CMA, with a power of 220 KVA and which consumes 190,000 FCFA of fuel in 24 hours.

A meeting to validate the health development plan for the Kongoussi health district brought together the various health officials and stakeholders involved in Kongoussi, on May 16, 2024.

The North Central regional health director, Dr Mohamed Anicet Karl Kpoda took the opportunity to talk about the difficult load shedding situation.

The generator does not operate continuously during load shedding. In response, the chief physician of the Kongoussi health district, Dr Arzouma Idrissa Ouédraogo, indicated that the health district does not have the financial resources to support the fuel of the 220 KVA relay group permanently. ‘Our group consumes 12 liters per hour, or more than 190,000 FCFA in 24 hours. We
are not able to bear this burden,’ he explained.

As a palliative measure, the health district decides to start the group only in cases of emergency. ‘When there is an emergency in the operating room, in the laboratory or even in the maternity ward, this is when the group starts in the event of load shedding. Otherwise, it does not systematically start in the event of a power outage,’ said the head doctor of the health district.

To resolve this situation, the regional health director of the Center-North invited the various municipalities of Bam, goodwill and financial partners to bear the operating costs of the generator in the event of a power outage.

‘At the regional level, it is the CMA of Kongoussi which has a very powerful group. In the other districts, it is the partners and the town halls who take care of the fuel for the relay group. So, I also invite Bam partners to do so,’ added the regional director.

Remember that during this meeting, the participants examined and adopted the health development
plan for the Kongoussi health district, which concerns 164 activities spread over 5 years at a cost of more than 6 billion 500 million FCFA

Source: Burkina Information Agency