Loroum (North): The winners in sport and culture in primary school are known

The provincial directorate of preschool, primary and non-formal education of Titao celebrated on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 the final of the cultural and sports activities of the school regrouping sites in Ouahigouya.

After preliminary rounds in the regrouping sites, the best cultural and sporting works were selected for a performance on the Renovation regrouping site.

In football, the team from the Renovation site took over that from the site of the Association for Aid to Children and Destitute Families (ADEFAD).

In culture, the victorious troops are those of the site of Tamsin, Renovation, Gondolgo and ADEFAD respectfully in modern ballet, traditional dance, playback and traditional music.

In long jump and sprint, athletes from the Somwaya de Gourga, El Nour, Renovation, ADEFAD and Gondolgo sites were awarded prizes.

Presiding over the closing ceremony, the Provincial Director of preschool, primary and non-formal education of Loroum, Mahamadi Koudougou congratulated all the actors who, despite the difficult security situation, held the bet of the organization.

Since 2003, the province of Loroum has been organizing the school week to allow schoolchildren to compete in talent and creativity in sport and culture

Source: Burkina Information Agency