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Mali: 31 dead and 10 injured in a traffic accident


Ouagadougou: A serious road traffic accident claimed the lives of 31 people yesterday Tuesday in Mali and left 10 others injured, some seriously, on national road No. 07, according to a press release from the Malian Minister of Transport and infrastructure received by the AIB this Wednesday.

The accident occurred yesterday Tuesday, around 5 pm on the bridge crossing the Bagoé river, in the Niéna-Koumantou section of national road No. 07.

A passenger bus was traveling from Kéniéba to Burkina Faso. Faso when he apparently lost control and fell off the bridge.

This bus was transporting Malians and nationals from the sub-region.

According to initial information, the driver’s lack of control of the vehicle is the probable cause of this tragedy.

The provisional results of this accident show that 31 people died on the spot and ten injured, some of whom were in serious condition.

According to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, emergency services have been mobilized to take care of the victims

e: Burkina Information Agency