May 15: We prayed for peace and security in Diapaga

Like other localities in Burkina, the national day of customs and traditions was marked on May 15, 2024 in Diapaga by rites and socio-cultural activities.

Very early on, the guarantors of traditions gathered at the court of the patriarch of Diapaga (Thiam taari) before converging towards the place where one of the fetishes protects the city against attacks from attackers and other troublemakers.

There, chickens and a bull were slaughtered. We asked the spirits of the ancestors to support the Transition authorities in succeeding in this mission of reconquering the territory.

We also invoked more forces for the fighters in order to overcome the terrorist hydra. They made a special mention to the transitional government for having signed the decree of March 6, 2024 establishing the day of customs and traditions.

Given the current situation in Diapaga, the spokesperson for the elders has set an appointment next year for the socio-cultural activities which will be grafted there

Source: Burkina Information A