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Namentenga: A tractor presented to the authorities, as part of the presidential initiative

The provincial directorate of Agriculture, animal and fisheries resources presented on Wednesday June 19, 2024 in Boulsa, the tractor of the locality’s agropastoral offensive.

It is a brand new tractor which was allocated on Wednesday June 19, 2024 to the commune of Boulsa, for the implementation of the presidential initiative, namely the agropastoral offensive for sustainable food self-sufficiency.

The plowing process, priority beneficiaries and tractor management were defined on this occasion. The other 5 municipalities out of the 8 in the province are impatiently waiting for their turn.

The head of the departmental agricultural mechanization brigade, Néhémie Nana, said that a technical note defines the implementation of free plowing.

According to Mr. Nana, any request for the 2024-2025 agricultural campaign is addressed to the requests analysis committee.

He also explained that the tractor driver is deployed on the ground, after the final validation of the request by a committee of 4 people.

ng to him, the eligible actors are producer cooperatives and individual producers. Concerning military barracks, penitentiary centers, schools or training centers, they must have usable land of at least 5 ha.

Pending the establishment of the various committees, the provincial directorate in charge of Agriculture has prioritized free plowing of developed lowlands and agricultural sites developed for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The other two tractors will be handed over to the communes of Yalgo and Tougouri when the security situation allows.

The high commissioner of the Namentenga province, Adama Conseiga, welcomed the donation which will allow farmers to increase their agricultural yield.

Mr. Conseiga also wished the beneficiaries good use and a good 2024-2025 agricultural season.

Source: Burkina Information Agency