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Soon scientific cooperation between the universities of Burkina and those of Iran


Ouagadougou, The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Burkina Faso, Mojtaba Faghihi, announced on Friday scientific cooperation at the university level between his country and Burkina Faso.

“Two weeks ago documents were signed between the two countries within the framework of the Iran-Burkina joint commission and among these documents, there was one which concerned scientific cooperation,” declared Friday, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Burkina Faso, Mojtaba Faghihi .

The ambassador specified that the present visit of the president of the Technical and Professional University to Burkina Faso is the first step to make this commitment a reality.

The Iranian ambassador to Burkina spoke after an interview with the president of the university Joseph KI-Zerbo.

He also stressed that the Iranian Technical and Vocational University has succeeded in creating a bridge between the university and businesses and that this allows people who study there to easily find work.

Mojtaba Faghihi added that Joseph Ki-Zerbo University is the largest and oldest university in Burkina Faso with illustrious personalities as teachers.

For him, this interview made it possible to forge links between young people and between academic circles in the two countries.

“It is a promising prospect because academics from all over the world are able to understand each other and that is why they will be able to facilitate relations between the two countries,” insisted Mojtaba Faghihi.

He concluded these remarks by reminding that the Technical and Vocational University of Iran as well as its president Dr. Erfan Khosrvian who participated in the interview, are ready to share their experiences with Joseph KI-Zerbo University.

Source: Burkina Information Agency