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Terrorism, health, AES and Senegalese presidential election on the cover of Burkinabè newspapers


Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè press this Wednesday returns to the postponement of the Senegalese presidential election, the response to the measles epidemic, the withdrawal of the countries of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) from ECOWAS and the fight against terrorism in Burkina.

‘Fight against terrorism: The MTDS calls for reporting any suspicious behavior,’ reads on its front page the oldest private dailies in Burkina Faso, L’Observateur Paalga.

The private newspaper reports that the victories achieved in the theaters of operations by the Combatant Forces lead distract terrorists to use all kinds of means and treachery to perpetuate attacks.

According to the colleague, in such a context, the ministry in charge of Security calls on the population to alert the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) of any suspicious behavior on national territory.

In the same vein, the same newspaper comments on the comments of the orthopedist-traumatologist, Professor Patrick Dakouré, in the treatment of war wounded.

To list
en, the Obs. Professor Dakouré maintains that certain cases require equipment which is not always available.

The state daily Sidwaya, for his part, dwells on the defeat of the terrorists on Tuesday February 27, 2024 in Tankoualou, in the Eastern region.

The public newspaper reports that the Burkinabè army pulverized several attackers in the said locality who wanted to reach the Nigerien border aboard a pick-up.

The private daily Le Pays notes that the Islamic League for Peace in Faso (LIPF), through a declaration, calls on religious people to unity, regarding the attack on places in the country.

Under another section, the same newspaper headlines: ‘Response to the measles epidemic: The vaccination campaign officially launched’.

The private newspaper explains that Burkina Faso is experiencing a measles epidemic.

The state daily Sidwaya specifies that the first head of the Department of Health and Public Hygiene, Lucien Kargougou, was yesterday Tuesday at the Nagrin medical center in Ouagadougou to superv
ise the campaign against measles.

According to him, 3,489,383 children aged 9 to 59 months are targeted for this vaccination campaign.

‘Withdrawal of Burkina from ECOWAS: Information session with the diplomatic corps’, writes L’Observateur Paalga on its first page.

The dean of Burkina Faso’s private daily newspapers reveals that the Ministry in charge of Foreign Affairs initiated a meeting yesterday Tuesday in Ouagadougou with representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Burkina Faso.

In his opinion, these exchanges with diplomats from foreign countries aim to provide them with official information on the withdrawal of Burkina Faso and the two other countries, Mali and Niger, from the ECOWAS AES.

According to the public newspaper Sidwaya, the motivations were explained to the heads of diplomatic missions.

Regarding the Senegalese presidential election, the same state daily asks in its headline: ‘Senegal: finally the end of the tunnel? “.

The public newspaper adds through its ‘Mercure’ section
that the national dialogue held on February 26 and 27, 2024, at the initiative of the Head of State, Macky Sall to set a new date for the presidential election resulting in two recommendations.

According to him, this concerns the holding of the first round of elections on April 2 and the continuity of power after the end of the mandate of outgoing President Sall.

The Paalga Observer concludes that this Senegalese presidential election is one of ‘the quarrel of the dialogists and the refusers’.

Source: Burkina Information Agency