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Yatenga/Promotion of citizenship: Schools invited to respect republican values


Ouahigouya, ( AIB)- The Governor of the Northern region, Issouf Ouédraogo, officially launched on Monday, November 27, 2023, in Ouahigouya, the activities of the 8th edition of the “SeSECI 2023” Citizenship Education School Week.

It was the Yadéga high school in the town of Ouahigouya, which served as the setting for the launch of the regional activities of this 8th edition of the citizenship education school week.

Students, primary and secondary school supervisors, administrative authorities mobilized this morning of Monday, November 27, 2023 to promote citizenship under the theme “Citizen engagement in schools in the context of the security and humanitarian crisis”.

The ceremony was an opportunity to recall the context still marked by the security crisis with the consequence of the closure of certain educational establishments consequently depriving many learners of their right to education.

At the start of the official launch of the activities planned to be held in all establishments in the region, as one man students, parents and authorities sang the national anthem “Ditanyè” during the raising of colors.

The Governor of the Northern region suggested that SeSECI is a strong moment for developing the knowledge of living together and encouraging civic behavior in schools.

He continued that “the society of tomorrow will be what young people want it to be, but above all it will be what we adults will have made this youth experience, which is why it is important that we make our school children experience or not the values which guarantee peace, tolerance, the preservation of common heritage and respect for life, etc.

The regional authority has formulated advice for educators and students before inviting all education stakeholders to solidarity, integrity, a sense of patriotism, respect for the common good and cultural diversity.

The occasion made the thief the Governor presented the rewards to the winners of the competition organized during the 20th edition of the national citizenship week.

During the week of activities, a conference on the theme of this edition is planned, a blood donation, sport and a health day in the primary, post-primary and secondary establishments of Ouahigouya, Loroum, Passoré and Zondoma.

Source: Burkina Information Agency