Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jetex has received three prestigious recognitions at the World Travel Awards Grand Final:

• World’s Leading Private Jet Experience;

• World’s Leading FBO Brand; and

• World’s Leading Private Jet Terminal for Jetex Paris.

Jetex, an award-winning global leader in executive aviation, triumphed at the 28th annual World Travel Awards. Established in 1993, World Travel Awards acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry. Today, they are recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire. The voting process is online and engages qualified executives working within travel and tourism and the consumer travel buyer.

Jetex private terminals were voted the world’s number one, which isn’t the first time they won the top accolade since the first Jetex FBO opened in 2009. Paris Le Bourget is the busiest private jet airport in Europe and Jetex Paris has set a gold standard for the highest levels of comfort and efficiency both for passengers and crews. In August, it enjoyed global media limelight when hundreds of football fans cheered the arrival of Lionel Messi at Jetex Paris to join Paris Saint-Germain. Today, it has been voted the World’s Leading Private Jet Terminal.

In 2021, Jetex has further improved the entire travel journey to let travelers enjoy a safer and more seamless experience across all 34 international locations. It all contributed to Jetex being recognized for having implemented the World’s Leading Private Jet Experience, from departure to arrival. From the superior comfort of luxurious lounges and exceptional hospitality to the highest levels of aircraft handing expertise and on-time performance, Jetex FBOs around the globe continue leading the industry.

“At Jetex, we strive to enhance our products and guest experience to ensure we are delivering the industry’s highest standards and leading the way when it comes to innovation. We are honored that these awards have been voted for by travel and tourism professionals and consumers worldwide, and on behalf of the entire Jetex family, we extend our sincerest thanks to our partners and passengers worldwide,” said Adel Mardini, Founder and CEO of Jetex.

Graham Cooke, Founder, World Travel Awards, commented: “Jetex represents the very best of the private aviation universe and I congratulate them on these achievements. It plays a leading role in spearheading the executive aviation sector, facilitating seamless cross-border travel during the most trying times.”

Best known for the dramatic transformation of the FBO model, Jetex works closely with leading designers to create bright and airy terminals with luxury amenities ranging from entertainment lounges to lush outdoor gardens and state-of-the-art flight support centers. The company witnessed a substantial increase in private jet movements this year across its entire network and continued to benefit from the momentum to reinforce its brand recognition and awareness, which has now been cemented as the World’s Leading FBO Brand.

About Jetex:

An award-winning global leader in executive aviation, Jetex is recognized for delivering flexible, best-in-class trip support solutions to customers worldwide. Jetex provides exceptional private terminals (FBOs), aircraft fueling, ground handling and global trip planning. The company caters to both owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial and personal air travel. To find out more about Jetex, visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For the wealthiest of the wealthy, only the most extravagant and expensive gifts are acceptable during the holiday giving season. This inspired Jetex to design the ultimate ‘Christmas in the Sky’ private jet experience, priced USD 27,000 for up to 10 passengers.

Jetex, an award-winning global leader in executive aviation, invites the lucky few to celebrate style, taste and disposable income with one brilliant idea: a glamorous Christmas onboard a private jet soaring high in the festive skies.

The magical journey will commence with the passengers picked-up by a chauffeur limousine from their residence or hotel and driven in style to Dubai’s iconic Jetex VIP Terminal. Upon arrival, they will be welcomed by not one, but 28 spectacular Christmas trees lined up in front of the terminal dressed in more than 15,000 lights as well as Jetex ambassadors who will take care of seamless departure formalities.

This season, the flagship Jetex terminal is a festive wonderland in its own right: from exquisite decorations and live musicians to carefully selected Dom Pérignon vintages paired with caviar and gourmet refreshments to delight the senses. Kids will be welcomed by Santa Klaus who will look after them and let them discover the magnificently decorated Christmas trees and Insta-worthy entertainment facilities of the world’s most luxurious private jet terminal. As soon as the passengers are in the mood to board, they will be driven to their private aircraft in timeless elegance in one of the Jetex Rolls-Royces.

The special flight will take two hours and the crew will select the most optimal altitude and cruising speed to ensure passengers enjoy sensational window views, including Dubai’s world-famous skyline, iconic landmarks, Arabian Gulf and the rolling dunes of the desert.

To take experience personalization further, a Jetex in-flight culinary expert will contact passengers in advance to discuss their dining preferences and design a bespoke menu which will complement many delectable festive treats offered onboard.

Once back on the ground, passengers will be invited to enjoy the rest of the evening in one of the lounges with elegant service and amenities at their leisure, as well as receive signature Jetex Christmas presents.

Adel Mardini, Founder & CEO of Jetex, commented: “Once again, Jetex redefines private jet travel experience as we celebrate the season of togetherness. ‘Christmas in the Sky’ is the epitome of luxury and festive celebrations above the clouds. Dubai is a city of superlatives and this extraordinary package is taking it to new heights. It is a perfect gift, an excellent way to discover the world of private aviation, and to create a treasured memory to cherish for years to come.”

By inviting passengers to share a delightful holiday-themed pursuit among friends and family, Jetex provides a safe, relaxed, and joyful haven of kinship and good cheer.

“Christmas in the Sky” private jet package is priced from USD 27,000 (AED 100,000) for up to 10 passengers and will be available between 24 December 2021 and 7 January 2022.

For reservations, please contact Jetex Premier Experience at

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About Jetex:

An award-winning global leader in executive aviation, Jetex is recognized for delivering flexible, best-in-class trip support solutions to customers worldwide. Jetex provides exceptional private terminals (FBOs), aircraft fueling, ground handling and global trip planning. The company caters to both owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial and personal air travel. To find out more about Jetex, visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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New Study Suggests Infection from Omicron Variant Can Enhance Immunity to Delta

Researchers in South Africa have discovered that people who have been infected with the omicron variant of the coronavirus develop enhanced immunity to the older delta variant.

The conclusion is the result of a new study conducted at Durban-based Africa Health Research Institute involving 33 vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The scientists found that immunity against a further exposure to omicron rose 14-fold about two weeks after infection, while also discovering that immunity against delta improved 4.4-fold.

The scientists say the immunity is especially enhanced among those who are inoculated.

Alex Sigal, the study’s co-author, said on Twitter Monday that if omicron is “less pathogenic” as it appears, “then this will help push delta out,” making it possible

“the disruption Covid-19 has caused in our lives may become less.”

The study, which has not been peer reviewed, has been submitted to the medical journal MedRxiv.

An earlier study out of South Africa revealed a reduced risk of hospitalization and severe illness from omicron, compared to delta.

The omicron strain has rapidly spread around the world since it was first detected in southern Africa in November.

Source: Voice of America

Cameroon Releases MSF Health Workers Held After Helping Rebel Leader


Cameroon’s military has released health workers detained for several days who were working for the aid group Doctors Without Borders, known by its French acronym MSF. The military says the workers were helping a wounded rebel leader, who also was detained, and they are still being investigated. MSF has condemned the detentions, the latest incident between the group and Cameroon’s military.

Cameroon’s military alleged that MSF this week deliberately engaged in a clandestine operation to exfiltrate armed rebels.

In a statement, the military says Mbu Princely Tabe and Bessong Eugene, two self-proclaimed separatists generals contacted MSF Sunday to help fighters wounded in a battle with Cameroon government troops in Tinto, a southwestern farming village.

The statement by military spokesperson, Army Captain Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo, says after a tipoff, an ambulance belonging to MSF was intercepted by the military in Nguti with Mbu Princely receiving treatment inside the ambulance. Nguti is a commercial town in Cameroon’s English speaking Southwest region.

The military said one of the rebel generals, Bessong Eugene, died and was buried in the bush before MSF arrived to save the lives of wounded fighters.

Bernard Okalia Bilai, the governor of Cameroon’s Southwest region, says he is surprised that MSF decided to help a dreaded self-proclaimed separatist general who was wounded in an armed battle with government troops. He says the dangerous fighter has killed many civilians and destroyed a great deal of property, including public edifices. Bilai says MSF was helping the criminal known by the Cameroon government troops as a terrorist to escape from the military.

Bilai said two MSF staff held by the military for questioning were released after two days but gave no further details.

MSF has denied it was helping any rebels to escape from the military. In a statement, MSF said Sunday the aid group contacted Cameroon military authorities and informed government troops of plans to transfer a wounded patient for medical assistance at Mutengene, another English-speaking southwestern town.

MSF says its ambulance was intercepted by government forces and taken to a different location. In the statement, MSF says it treats people based on medical need, regardless of their background or affiliations.

Felix Agbor Balla, a human rights lawyer and founder of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, says MSF is working in accordance with the Geneva conventions, which require people wounded in conflicts to be treated humanely without any adverse distinction based on sex, race, nationality, religion, political opinions, or any other similar criteria.

Balla says MSF cannot give the identities of all the people it is treating to the military as requested by the government.

“If Doctors Without Borders starts informing the government in detail of each and every patient, then the independence, the confidentiality is no longer there. Government is trying to put Doctors Without Borders in harm’s way,” said Balla. “I would recommend that Doctors Without Borders and the government should sit down and have a discussion. Government can criticize Doctors Without Borders, but we should not forget the wonderful work that Doctors Without Borders has been doing in this country.”

MSF has been in Cameroon since 1984. The aid group gives medical assistance to people suffering Boko Haram atrocities in Cameroon’s northern border with Nigeria. MSF provides surgical care, malaria treatment and treatment for COVID-19 patients in Cameroons restive English-speaking southwest region. The group says it treated more than a million patients in Cameroon in 2020.

In 2020, Cameroon suspended MSF from carrying out activities in the English-speaking northwest region. The government accused MSF of having close relations with separatists who are fighting to create an independent English-speaking state. The aid organization strongly denies the accusations and says its only goal is to save lives.

The U.N. says the separatist crisis that began in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions in 2017 has killed more than 3,300 people and displaced 750,000, both internally and to neighboring Nigeria.

Source: Voice of America

Gambia’s Supreme Court Dismisses Election Result Challenge


Gambia’s Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge to President Adama Barrow’s recent election victory on Tuesday, ruling that the petition had not followed proper procedure, court documents showed.

Barrow won the Dec. 4 poll with 53% of the vote. Runner-up Ousainou Darboe, who got about 28%, and two other candidates refused to accept the results, citing alleged problems at polling stations without providing evidence.

Darboe’s United Democratic Party (UDP) petitioned the Supreme Court to nullify the results the following week despite election observers having said the poll was conducted fairly.

The court dismissed the petition on the grounds that Darboe’s party had failed to serve Barrow within five days of filing it, which violated the Gambia’s fair trial procedures, judicial sources said.

“The UDP failed to comply with the requirement of Rule 11 of the Election Petition Rule, which required that you file a motion of petition and security,” Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow wrote in the judgment.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Darboe said that he did not consider the court’s decision a personal loss, since the petition was dismissed on a procedural technicality rather than on the merit of its claims.

“We have not lost anything because the petition was not dismissed based on merit but a mere technicality,” Darboe said. “We should be Proud of ourselves for what we have done and will continue to do for Country.”

Supreme Court decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Darboe did not indicate whether he or his party would continue to challenge the election results.

Source: Voice of America