Burkina: the town of Djibo supplied

A supply convoy, including basic necessities, arrived on Thursday April 11, 2024 in Djibo to the happiness of the populations.

The population welcomed the FDS with cheers and slogans to magnify their bravery.

On March 26, 2024, the Forces vives de Djibo organized a march in support of the Transition and at the same time, requested a supply convoy.

This convoy comes to relieve the populations who have just left a month of Ramadan during which basic necessities were in short supply.

The Soum transporters’ union expressed its gratitude to the Transition authorities, the FDS and VDP who worked for supplies.

While waiting for the situation to normalize, the population is asking for convoys to take place every month.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Kossi: The patriotic watch movement of Faso advocates unity of action in support of the Transition

The office of the provincial section of the Patriotic Watch Movement of Faso, organized this Thursday, April 11, 2024 in Nouna, a press conference to provide support for the Transition through unity of action.

The first official outing of the patriotic watch movement of Faso, provincial section of Kossi, brought together media people on Thursday April 11, 2024 in Nouna.

The president of the Faso Patriotic Watch Movement (MVPF), Ibrahim Coulibaly, presented the provincial office made up of ten members and gave the conditions for individual and collective membership in the movement.

He placed public opinion on the apolitical nature of the movement which is a civil society organization and clarified that the movement is not a trade union organization.

Asked why the patriotic watch movement in Faso, he underlined that like other localities in Burkina, the Boucle du Mouhoun and particularly Kossi remained too wait-and-see with organizations supporting the transition.

‘To fill this void, the MVPF was created
to express the voice of the sons and daughters of the Boucle du Mouhoun region,’ he said.

For him, the transition under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré works tirelessly for the happiness of the populations through very significant achievements.

These include, among other things, the reduction of prices for health care, the construction of tomato factories and gold refineries, without forgetting the operationalization of fighting forces through the acquisition of equipment, the rehabilitation of Bobo airport and especially the creation of the alliance of Sahel states (AES). All this helps to guarantee our people their true independence.

Based on this observation, Ibrahim Coulibaly invited the daughters and sons of Kossi to unite to provide their full support for the transition.

The patriotic watch movement of Faso has made approaches and will do more with associations and umbrella organizations, as evidenced by citizen participation and the patriotic commitment initiated by the administrative auth
orities of Kossi as part of a public health day.

The Patriotic Coalition of Kossi (COPAKO), the Provincial Youth Council (CPJ), the Patriotic Watch Movement of Faso and the Association of Women Sweepers participated in this day.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Gourma: The regional coordination of the patriotic citizen watch of the East denounces the manipulations against the Transition

The regional coordination of the patriotic citizen watch of the East organized a press conference to denounce the manipulations aimed at derailing the Transition on the path to territorial reconquest.

The secretary general of the citizen watch of Fada N’Gourma, Moumouni Yougbaré, underlined the achievements made in a period of time by the power of Captain Ibrahim Traoré for the happiness of the Burkinabè. Thus, in view of the commitment of these leaders to bring our country out of the abyss into which it has been plunged for several years because of bad governance, the regional coordination of the patriotic citizen watch of the East, through this conference of press, want to prove that those who are against the people are seriously mistaken.

Citizen watch has condemned with the utmost energy the reception and accommodation in a neighboring country of children from Burkina Faso, with a view to destabilizing the motherland. Media people want to know what citizen monitoring is doing at the local level to supp
ort the efforts of the President of Faso in his policies. To this concern of journalists, Mr. Yougbaré declared that the day before Fada N’Gourma was the first to have mobilized 500 thousand francs for the peace effort.

She also offered food and clothing worth one million to widows and orphans of the auxiliary security forces (VDP) from their own contributions in the run-up to the major holidays.

He added that they donated 40 blood bags for the injured fighters. ‘Wayyignans don’t just sit at roundabouts. We are present in various sectors to unmask the enemies of the people, said Mr. Yougbaré.

Regarding what citizen monitoring does when areas with strong security challenges issue cries of distress, Mr. Yougbaré specified that during these moments, they do not sleep and work discreetly to find adequate solutions.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Kénédougou/Ramadan 2024: The Muslim community invited to focus their actions for a return to peace

The Muslim faithful of the commune of Orodara celebrated on Wednesday April 10, 2024, the festival of Eid El Fitr marking the end of the Muslim fast. The High Commissioner of the Kénédougou province, Saïdou Sakira, invited them to focus their prayers and actions for a return to peace and social cohesion in Burkina Faso.

It was after a rain that the Muslim community of Orodara prayed on the site of the Madrasa school on the occasion of the festival of Ramadan, Wednesday April 10, 2024.

The High Commissioner of the Kénédougou province, Saïdou Sakira, present alongside them, invited them to focus their prayers and their actions for a return to peace and social cohesion in Burkina Faso.

In the orchard city, the great prayer was officiated by the great Imam of Orodara, Sékou Sangaré.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Mouhoun: Regional Coordination reaffirms its support for the Transition

The National Coordination of Citizen Watch Associations (CNAVC), Boucle du Mouhoun section organized a press conference on Thursday April 11 , 2024 in Dédougou, in order to reaffirm their commitment to supporting the authorities of the transition .

It was with the national anthem sung in chorus followed by a minute of silence in memory of the fighting forces who fell with weapons in their hands that the press conference began on Thursday April 11, 2024 in Dédougou.

The press conference initiated by the National Coordination of Citizen Watch Associations (CNAVC), Boucle du Mouhoun section, aimed to reaffirm their commitment to supporting the multiple and multifaceted actions initiated by the Transition authorities for the liberation of the national territory and promote endogenous development through APEC.

The speakers congratulated President Ibrahim Traoré and his government for the clear vision of making Burkina Faso a sovereign country where it is first and foremost the interest of the country that coun

‘In the dynamic of ongoing political and economic reforms, the Coordination is committed to and encourages President Ibrahim Traoré and the government to continue the struggle for the liberation of the entire territory of our country ,’ said Diapoba Tiao .

He then clarified that the fight initiated by the Heads of State of the AES cannot be interrupted by any ECOWAS calendar which is not concerned with our security situation but rather with the organization of elections.

Likewise, Diapoba Tiao stressed that regional coordination encourages the Transition authorities to continue the offensive to reconquer the territory and completely overhaul the country’s governance system.

‘For us, there is no question of organizing elections until the country is free from the forces of evil. We hope and invite President Ibrahim Traoré to continue the work so well begun to free the country from the yoke of imperialism,’ he maintained.

While recognizing the work done by our fighting forces for the reconquest of the t
erritory, the regional coordination of the Boucle du Mouhoun of the CNAVC praised the resettlement of several villages in the region.

‘Our region is the breadbasket of Burkina. With the agropastoral and fishing offensive , we see that Burkinabè is able to feed Burkinabè. This is why we strongly support the APEC initiative and the construction of numerous factories for the processing of our products,’ he concluded.

For the Regional Coordinator of the Boucle du Mouhoun of the CNAVC, Salimatou Compaoré, concrete actions have been carried out through the multiplication of support movements, marches in support of the Transition, citizen monitoring organized in several cities of the country.

‘All its activities are organized thanks to the support of people of goodwill who find that the fight is real and that synergy of action is needed,’ continued Ms. Compaoré .

The CNAVC is the national umbrella which defends and carries the ideals of the Transition authorities.

It ensures citizen monitoring and defends the i
nterests of peace-loving Burkinabè in the face of the war which was imposed on the country by imperialism and its local lackeys.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Bazèga: Regional citizen monitoring calls on the populations of the Center-South to mobilize

The regional coordination office of associationsCitizen monitoring organizations from the Center-South were in front of the press this Thursday, April 11, 2024 in Kombissiri to give their reading of the national situation and call for general mobilization to support the Transition.

After its establishment on March 21, 2024, the regional coordination of citizen monitoring associations in the Center-South organized a press conference on Thursday April 11, 2024 in Kombissiri in the province of Bazèga . In front of the press, in the presence of members of the various citizen monitoring associations of Bazèga who were highly mobilized, the regional coordination of the Center-South gave its reading of the national situation.

At the head of this regional coordination, Dominique Dipama , recalled the events which led to the advent of MPSR 2 (Patriotic Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration) which took place on September 30, 2022 with Captain Ibrahim Traoré at his head. , President of the Transition.

For Mr. Di
pama , this press conference is being held in a context of fierce struggle of the Burkinabè people for the reconquest of the entire national territory, for true independence and for development.

According to him, the strong mobilization recorded since September 30, 2022, the massive registrations in the ranks of the Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP) to support the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) , the voluntary contributions for supporting the peace effort, are illustrative examples.

The mobilization around MPSR 2 is increasing and is due to the fact that it embodies hope and rediscovered dignity, indicated the regional coordinator.

‹‹The arrival of the MPSR 2 to power further established the expression of our sovereignty through the free and assumed choice of our partners, which favored, thanks to the efforts of the Burkinabè, the acquisition of arms and equipment in quality and quantity in favor of our army,’ he stressed.

At this meeting in Kombissiri , Dominique Dipama and his comrad
es invited the Burkinabè to continue to trust the Transition and to get rid of unnecessary poisonings and attacks. The regional coordination of the Center-South says it condemns and warns any person or political organization that attempts to take part in any destabilization enterprise . For him , awareness-raising activities in support of the Transition in the Center-South region are planned for the coming days with the organization of a mega regional meeting in mind. The meeting with the press in Kombissiri was an opportunity for the citizen monitoring associations of Bazèga to pay tribute to the FDS and VDP.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Beijing: Opening of a training seminar to share experience with Burkinabe journalists and media managers

A training seminar for the benefit of 23 journalists and 19 Burkinabe media managers opened its doors on Wednesday April 10, 2024 afternoon in Beijing, China in the presence of representatives of the AIB. It provides for a sharing of experience between Burkinabè and Chinese, particularly in the field of media.

At the opening ceremony, the organizer of the seminar and deputy director of the International Studies and Training Center, China International Communication Group, Han Liqiang, indicated that he will allow his country to share his experience in various sectors with Burkinabè journalists and media managers, particularly in the media field.

Mr. Liqiang stressed that “although China and Burkina are thousands of kilometers apart, trade between the two countries is increasingly important.”

‘We have become true friends who can rely on each other and trust each other. Mountains and oceans cannot prevent the two countries from getting closer to each other, getting to know each other and carrying out friend
ly cooperation,’ he said.

In his opinion, “this seminar is a valuable opportunity to come together here to strengthen communication and mutual understanding and deep friendship.”

The representative of media managers Valentin Hervé Sanyan Kambiré, for his part, thanked China for organizing training for Burkinabe public and private media.

Mr. Kambiré, also project manager at the Ministry of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism, presented Burkina Faso located in West Africa, independent since 1960 and led since September 30, 2022 by Captain Ibrahim Traore.

‘The new regime, from its advent, has resolutely turned towards more structuring partnerships with countries which have understood our model of society and which want to build with us, a fairer and more equitable world,’ he indicated. .

He indicated that Burkinabè journalists will strengthen their capacities based on the Chinese example in terms of management of journalistic practice and press practice and will build constructive and civic communicati
on in a context marked by competition.

‘This immersion will allow us to discover certain aspects of your rich and envious culture but also to strengthen our relationships which we want to be win-win,’ he maintained.

For the project manager, media managers and journalists will also be proud to share with the Chinese, ‘their daily experiences which make certain Nations around the world green with envy’.

The journalists’ spokesperson, Sébastian Monné, took the opportunity to congratulate the People’s Republic of China for its commitment to the development of Burkina Faso whatever the area.

In his opinion, this seminar ‘represents much more than just an opportunity to enrich our professional skills in the fields of media between our two countries’.

This will involve, he continued, ‘strengthening our knowledge in the areas of human, economic and socio-cultural resources’ of China.

‘We look forward to returning to the Land of Integrity Men with new ideas, new skills and perspectives that will add to the Burki
nabè media landscape,’ said Mr. Monné.

The seminar will take place from April 10 to 19 for media managers and from April 10 to 23 for journalists. It will be marked by thematic conferences but also field visits to Beijing and other localities in the country.

The seminar for media executives and journalists from Burkina Faso is organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and actively led by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Boulgou/Ramadan Prayer: The faithful urged to tolerance and forgiveness.

The Muslim faithful in the town of Bittou celebrated the Ramadan festival on Wednesday April 10, 2024 in several prayer sites in Bittou , where messages of tolerance and forgiveness were conveyed.

Like other localities in the Center- East region, the populations of the town of Bittou celebrated Ramadan , on Wednesday April 10, 2024 , in the various prayer sites in the town of Bittou .

From 7 am , Muslim faithful from the Sunni community of Bittou converged at the Bittou municipal stadium .

Iman Ali Ker e , in his sermon asked the faithful to be tolerant towards each other, to give to each other, to avoid corruption.

He also urged themto avoid being recruited by terrorist groups.

After the blessings of Iman , the faithful Muslim gathered at their homes to continue the celebration in peace and sobriety .

Any faithful who arrived to perform prayers were carefully searched by detection devices to prevent any possible situation.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Council of Ministers and bilateral cooperation make the headlines this Friday

Ouagadougou: This Friday’s publications highlight bilateral cooperation between Burkina Faso and China and then the council of ministers.

‘Council of Ministers: report of the work of Thursday April 11, 2024’, displays the state daily Sidwaya on its headline.

The newspaper reports that the Council adopted a decree creating a military penitentiary establishment in Ouagadougou.

Which makes the private daily Le Pays say that ‘the adoption of this decree allows military justice, through the Military Tribunal, to comply with the standards of penitentiary establishments and the requirements prescribed by the various jurisdictional authorities’.

The public daily still reporting the deliberations of the Council of Ministers, mentions the ‘Relaunch of the organization of the Night of the Lompolo, the 4th edition of which is scheduled for November 15, 2024 in Ouagadougou’.

He continued that the relaunch of the ‘Night of the Lompolo’ is a recognition of the State to the efforts made by the actors of an important par
t of culture.

The private daily Le Pays, for its part, mentions on its front page, according to the report of the Council of Ministers, ‘Former minister Boukaré Zoungrana appointed ambassador to Chad’.

The dean of private daily newspapers, the Paalga Observer on his headline, still dealing with the Council of Ministers, informs that Hermann Ilboudo is the new CEO of BUMIGEB.

In another register, the private newspaper Le Pays writes in its columns ‘Bilateral cooperation: Burkinabè journalists discovering China’.

The private daily reporting the remarks of the deputy director of the International Study and Training Center of the International Communication Group of China Han Liqiang explains that “the presence of the Burkinabè delegation in China responds to the desire of the Chinese authorities to strengthen communication and mutual trust, and to deepen the friendship between the two countries.’

The colleague continues that the book on the governance of China, volume IV was offered to each participant.

the same vein, Sidwaya indicates that ‘the new political trajectory of Burkina, since the arrival of the President of the Transition, is favorable to the diversification of partnerships’.

He adds that during the journalists’ stay, they will visit the Hunan radio and television station, a southern and mountainous province of China.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Patriotic commitment and citizenship: Annihilate the ugly face of Burkinabè (Corner paper)

Ouagadougou: Burkina Faso organized from March 26 to April 9, 2024, the National Days of Patriotic Commitment and Citizen Participation (JEPPC) .

The initiative aimed at awareness-raising actions on sanitation, reforestation and discipline , but also support for fighting forces .

At the end of the fortnight on Tuesday , Prime Minister Apollinaire Joachimson Kyé lem de Tambe declared that the results were positive. In other words, the expected results were achieved.

This initiative by the Transition authorities , the first of its kind, meets with the approval of citizens. They, through activities and behaviors, demonstrated their support.

Raising drapes, wearing traditional Burkinabè outfits, eating local dishes , were observed, among other things, during these two weeks.

On the sidelines of this fortnight , Burkinabè individuals or in associations took civic actions . This is the case of the national collective for refoundation which, on the eve of Ramadan, gave three tons of food to the women of the Gre
en Brigade, to enable them to celebrate.

Another citizen delivered medical consumables to a reference health center in the Burkinabe capital. In short, the examples are legion.

It must be recognized that many Burkinabè people did not wait for the national days of patriotic commitment and citizen participation to adopt these beneficial behaviors. And they are not going to stop or suspend their generosity once the fortnight is over, either .

However , while the JEPPC was taking place, national news showed that some Burkinabè (fortunately a minority) are capable of the worst .

Indeed, last week, the press reported on the behavior of a trader in Bobo-Dioulasso which shocks ordinary mortals.

This trader pushed greed , let’s say wickedness , to the point of reselling pebbles in the form of cereals intended for human consumption .

He and his acolytes were arrested on Wednesday April 3, 2024 by the Hauts-Bassins Regional Judicial Police Service (SRPJ). According to media accounts , these individuals crushed gra
nite and quartz into small grains so that their mixture with grain was difficult to detect.

‘ It was around forty bags of sorghum mixed with stones that the SRPJ was able to sixteen from the merchant’s store, ‘ we report .

At a time when we are promoting good behavior , this hideous side of Burkinabè must be fought, even destroyed.

The Transition authorities are working to encourage good examples and inspire others. It is in this dynamic that the national coordinator of presidential initiatives regularly carries out field trips to Ouagadougou and other cities.

On each of his outings to visit streets paved by Burkinabè at their own expense , he highlights these initiators of development in the neighborhoods and congratulates them.

It brings joy to the heart to see that gestures of patriotism are being seen among adolescents and children. There are many students who contribute in their own way to the peace effort, often even without the knowledge of their parents.

This is the case in Tenkodogo where two c
hildren (twins) on the basis of the sums they received for snacks at school, were able to put aside money which they gave to support the Fighting Forces.

Their aunt with whom they live admitted in the report that she had not yet given her contribution and that she was unaware that these children were contributing to this noble cause.

In Ouagadougou, Noéla and Toussiane Zabré, both 5th grade students at the MonSeigneur André Dupont school complex, have been talked about positively in recent days. In fact, the two teenagers have decided to donate , for the benefit of the Patriotic Support Fund ( FSP ), all of their income for the month of March from the sale of sweets, which they make.

With such behavior of little ones, we are certain that the next generation in terms of patriotic commitment and citizen participation is assured. It remains to stay the course of awareness-raising and governance by example.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina/PAMEF: graduating class of 54 microfinance experts

Ouagadougou: 54 new microfinance experts trained by the Support Program for the Mobilization of Savings in the Francophonie (PAMEF) received, Friday, their parchments with the baptismal name ‘La Renaissance’.

According to the Technical Secretary for the Promotion of Financial Inclusion, Lin Hien, ‘the promotion of financial inclusion among our populations and small and medium-sized enterprises cannot be a reality if the structures do not have highly qualified human resources. and mastering the art of microfinance’.

He invited them to take advantage of the extensive knowledge that was made available to them during the training.

Lin Hien spoke on Friday, in Ouagadougou, during the graduation ceremony of the 15th class of the Support Program for the Mobilization of Savings in the Francophonie (PAMEF) with the baptismal name ‘La Renaissance’.

He indicated that the promotion of financial inclusion among our populations and small and medium-sized businesses cannot be a reality if the structures do not have high
ly qualified human resources who have mastered the art of microfinance.

‘This is why I truly appreciate the contents of the training modules offered by PAMEF, which are very good,’ continued Mr. Hien.

The Technical Secretary was delighted to be able to count on PAMEF to perpetuate the ambition of providing a more professional framework to the world of inclusive finance in our country.

Lin Hien recalled that microfinance continues to play the leading role in endogenous development through its proximity to the vulnerable population, as a catalyst for financial inclusion, poverty reduction, job creation and added value.

For him, it is one of the pillars of financial inclusion alongside the banking sector, the insurance sector, and the currency issuer sector.

The General Director of the Burkina Faso Credit Union Network (RCPB), also sponsor of the promotion, Azaratou Sondo/Nignan, noted that since 2000, her institution has opted for the professionalization of actors, particularly employees and administrators
. .

‘To this end, a policy focused on capacity building has been put in place through the organization of continuing training, qualifying with partners including the Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems,’ she mentioned.

She explained that the RCPB is a cooperative savings and credit movement spread throughout Burkina Faso and its mission is to contribute to improving the living conditions of populations excluded from the traditional financial system.

Ms. Sondo also presented her structure as being one of the most important structures in the landscape of decentralized financial systems in Burkina and also in the UEMOA area.

‘Today we are gathered to celebrate your success in acquiring expertise in microfinance management,’ said the Director General of RCPB.

She invited her mentees to apply the knowledge acquired to better ensure the offering of products and services adapted to customer needs.

The Rector of the African University for Cooperative Development (UADC), Barthélémy Biao,
congratulated the PAMEF management team for having mobilized 54 learners in a first class, after 10 years of lethargy.

‘I hope there was added value that will be useful to them in the various positions they will occupy,’ said Mr. Biao.

The class delegate, Marcel Do, expressed his recognition for the quality training and the diploma received, which for him are the symbol of personal accomplishment.

On behalf of the applicants, he asked the general director of the RCPB to promote and entrust major responsibilities to the RCPB students from the promotion.

Source: Burkina Information Agency